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Film Study: A Tale of Two Locks

Alex Rollins breaks down Drew Lock’s final five games of 2020.

Alex Rollins, a writer and film analyst from our friends over at Niner’s Nation devoted his weekly film breakdown on his YouTube channel to Denver’s young gunslinger, Drew Lock.

Rollins does excellent work and really showcases why we should continue the excitement that’s been building around Lock here in Broncos Country.

Of course, Lock is still very raw, and Rollins gives some ‘watchouts’ that he saw on film from Lock, especially early on, that he’ll have to clean up. The largest issue he points out was Lock’s tendency to drift to the left and outside instead of stepping up in the pocket. While his escapability is a plus, he leaves plays on the table when he bails too early, and doesn’t step up in the pocket.

The crux of the breakdown for me is when Rollins get to the Kansas City game and points out that (despite the game being a disaster overall for Denver), Drew Lock came out of the locker room at halftime of that game, and from that point on through the final two and a half games, looked like a different quarterback.

We have been talking a lot about Lock this offseason, and this breakdown hits on theme that we continue to land on when studying Lock’s five starts. It really is almost a tale of two halves of the season, with respect to the progress Lock was able to make in his last two and a half games.

Alex predicts Denver will be a playoff team this upcoming season not only due to the improvements the Broncos have made on the roster so far, but also in large part due to the growth potential of their quarterback.

Check out the video above, and make sure to go follow Alex Rollins on Twitter and on YouTube as well. He puts out some great content.