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Jerry Jeudy reacts to release of rookie Madden ratings

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Rookies are never given much love in Madden ratings, so Jerry Jeudy wasn’t pleased with how poorly he showed up in some key areas.

We don’t normally do too many Madden ratings here on Mile High Report, but once I saw the above video between Chad Ochocinco and various rookie wide receivers - including Denver Broncos first round pick Jerry Jeudy - I knew I had to share it. It was too funny.

Madden is notorious for giving rookies very poor ratings and it doesn’t matter how great they were coming out of college. Things were no different for Jerry Jeudy.

First, he laughed at his zone coverage rating of 31. Jeudy, who is known for his superior route running skills, excels at finding holes in the zone. It’s one of the primary reasons Denver drafted him in the first place, so that rating is definitely cause for some chuckles. Then when Ochocinco broke the news that his overall was to be 75, Jeudy got up and walked away.

Hey, whatever gives one motivation. It was a fun video clip to watch. A lot of fans don’t really care about Madden ratings, but this type of thing is meant to be seen with a light heart. Besides, after a few months of watching Jeudy’s highlights, this time next year I am sure he’ll be working his way up to the 90s.

Madden NFL 21 will be available worldwide on August 28, 2020. Keep an eye out for the ESPN and Madden NFL ratings week from 7/13-7/17, highlighting Madden’s 99 Club and additional player/team ratings.