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Would you take Peyton Manning or John Elway if you could have either on this year’s roster?

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Mile High Report discusses a fun hypothetical.

If you listened to this week’s Cover 2 Broncos, you’ll know Jeff Essary and I went back and forth discussing who we’d take if any Broncos’ great was available to add to the 2020 roster. In the original draft, we omitted quarterbacks, but as we discussed I couldn’t help but wonder. John Elway or Peyton Manning, who would look best throwing darts to Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, and Noah Fant?

Obviously it only made sense to ask all of Mile High Report and get their thoughts on this critically important issue.

Would you take Manning or Elway if you could have either on this year’s roster?

Scotty Payne: No wrong answer, but Elway

Tim Lynch: Yes. Elway was my childhood hero, but I’d take Peyton. He was much better at guaranteeing a division title every year than Elway was.

Adam Malnati: Elway is still the greatest QB of all time in my opinion. In his prime, playing with today’s rules? No doubt it’s Elway. But neither answer is wrong here.

Ian St. Clair: As Scotty said, there’s no wrong answer. But I would love to see Elway in his prime in today’s NFL. That would be must-see TV.

Sadaraine: Unquestionably John Elway. You have all these big time deep threat wan Peyton “Noodle-arm” Manning throwing to them? No way. Give me Elway and he’ll break all the records hands down.

Scotty: Peyton had no issue stretching the field back in the day with Marvin, Wayne, Stokley and so on.

Jeff Essary: Yeah, you get each of them in their prime, I’d take Peyton as a better fit in Shurmur’s offense, if we’re being super technical about adding them this year. If we’re in Scangarello’s offense, Elway would probably get the nod.

Joe Rowles: I’d have to go with Peyton. Truth be told, I think he’s the best quarterback ever and unless you’re asking him to rollout and make a lot of throws off bootlegs he’s the superior player.