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Is the Broncos preseason hype all about Drew Lock?

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Frank Schwab thinks Denver is going to live up to the preseason hype.

While the 2020 NFL season sits off in the distance, it’s hard not to start ranking teams and making predictions. A brief perusing through some of the preseason lists on the internet, which I did in about 2 minutes, shows the Broncos generally fall in the 18-25 range.

On Broncos Country Tonight, Frank Schwab joined Ryan and Ben to discuss his feelings about Denver falls on the list. Schwab releases his rankings one team at a time, and having just posted the Browns at 16, and then the Steelers at 15, we still are waiting for where he thinks the Bronco land.

True, it is preseason rankings. That and a dollar might buy you a Big Gulp. However, as other outlets are unsure about Denver based on the young QB in Drew Lock, and concerns at tackle and the defensive backfield, Schwab takes a different approach.

His feelings about the Broncos are less about the hype surrounding Lock, and more about the rest of the talent on the team. He mentions Bradley Chubb’s return, the trades for A.J. Bouye and Jurrell Casey, and the depth and explosiveness of the offense.

“I just don’t see a lot of weaknesses with this Broncos team.”

He also notes that the Broncos had 90% win probabilities against the Bears, Jaguars, and Vikings. Flipping those losses, along with the loss to the Colts gives Denver 4 more wins in 2019.

A big part of football is luck. In 2019, the Broncos didn’t get a few bounces, had a few bad calls against them, and lost a few games that could have easily gone the other. The outcome of the season could have been much different with just a few small changes in some key spots.

Now, you add the new weapons on offense, and the upgrades on the offensive line, and the veteran additions on defense, along with a returning Bryce Callahan, and the 2020 Broncos could be more than a little dangerous.

If Lock plays up to the hype, Denver could be a contender for a deep playoff run.

Obviously, a lot can happen between now and the start of the season, but it will be interesting to see where Schwab ends up ranking the Broncos, and where they eventually end up when the season is complete.