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De’Vante Bausby thinks the Broncos’ continuity on defense will help them this year

The former AAF cornerback joined Broncos Country Tonight to talk about the start of training camp and the start of the season.

De’Vante Bausby joined Broncos Country Tonight to to talk about the imminent start of training camp, his thoughts on the current situation, and his expectations for the season.

The conversation, of course, kicked off with discussion around the current state of negotiations between the NFLPA and the NFL regarding the preseason, with news coming out tonight that the preseason could potentially be not played at all.

Bausby, who took advantage of the preseason last year to show why he deserved a roster spot in Denver, said while he understands the push for no preseason due to injury concerns and wanting to give the players as much time to acclimate to full speed as possible, he personally thinks they should play at least one game to be able to knock some of the rust off.

When asked if he had concerns about Denver’s defense being on the same page if they jump out week 1 without any preseason games, Bausby said he felt confident in their defense heading into the start of the season.

“Defensively, I think we’re going to be solid,” Bausby said. “Because we’ve got a lot of guys returning and we’re in the same system. Defensively I feel like it’s easier to get the ball rolling. Now offensively, we got new pieces and young guys, so I feel like it’s more on that side of the ball that we need at least like one practice run before things get serious.

The former AAF corner also talked about how eager he was to get back on the field, since he was injured and placed on IR in October, he has been out of football for awhile and is excited to get back out and show what he can do.

I’m excited to see him out there as well, and think Denver could really use his skills this year at the cornerback position.

Take a listen to the full interview here, or in the player above.