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Training Camp to begin with delayed start after NFL, NFLPA reach tentative agreement

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The NFL offered to scrap preseason games and do daily coronavirus testing among other player-friendly terms to help get team training camps underway.

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Good morning, Broncos Country!

Just as training camp is set to begin for two teams today, the NFL and its players’ association came to some terms on Monday afternoon for getting the 2020 season underway after the NFL assured players their health and safety was a primary concern.

Among the key terms, the NFL agreed to scrap preseason games and also do daily coronavirus testing on players. If the rate of positive tests is below 5% after two weeks of testing, then testing may go to every other day.

The two sides also agreed to a gradual entry to camp based on a four-day COVID-19 testing program.

Rookies and quarterbacks will report Thursday to take a COVID-19 test and then self-quarantine for two days. They will take a second test on Sunday, and if they have two negative tests, they can enter the Broncos facilities on July 27.

The rest of the Broncos veteran players will report July 28 for their first COVID tests, then quarantine for two days and take their second test July 31. Those with two negative tests will be allowed to enter team facilities on Aug. 1.

Among other terms, the acclimation period for vets coming back to practice has also been increased from seven to 18 days, and any player is allowed to opt out of playing this season. The exact terms for opt-outs has not been determined.

Training camp will start with team meetings and conditioning workouts only, and the first full-squad practice will come sometime in August.

The NFL had previously cut the preseason from four games per team to two and was planning for testing every other day. But the NFL Players Association had been adamant about daily testing for players and no preseason at all.

Media coverage of Broncos Training Camp

Per NFL-NFLPA guidelines, a very limited number of credentialed media will be able to observe Broncos training camp practices. Pre-approved media will be issued single-day credentials.

NFL-NFLPA protocols dictate that players, head coach Vic Fangio and other Broncos coaches/executives will be available in virtual group settings and take place via Zoom, which will not be limited to media credentialed for training camp and a clean feed of the interviews will be provided to all).

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