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No preseason for the NFL in 2020

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The NFL is doing its best to have a 2020 NFL season, but the preseason won’t be a part of it.

Life is bonkers this year. We’re all looking forward to having football in some form or fashion.

And yet, a domino has already fallen.

Our precious preseason football is down for the count.

More’s the pity.

Seriously though, if that is all we lose in the tally of NFL action for 2020, I’m down. I do love the preseason games for our insights into young players developing and rookies showing that they belong at the pro level. But as a fan, I can live without it.

I will say that it absolutely sucks for all the young bubble guys we want to see in the preseason. They are big time getting the short end of this stick (though they always do anyway) without preseason action. Without it, they have no real chance to show teams that they are better than their drafted counterparts or young veterans that have already been through a season or two.

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