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Here’s an early look at the NFL’s new COVID-19 helmet

The NFL has some early sketches of a COVID-19 safety helmet that will be recommended, but not required for players to wear.

With the NFL and NFLPA working hard to secure a season for fans, there is a lot of unknowns that remain as teams hope to begin training camp in the coming weeks. One is how players will be able to protect themselves from COVID-19 from other players during games.

Mike Garafolo of NFL Network tweeted out a sketch of a new COVID-19 helmet designed to protect players from spreading coronavirus to each other during games.

The big thing here is that the helmets are currently recommended and will not be required. The NFL has been pushing to mandate all players to wear these helmets, but so far that doesn’t look like it will happen.

If it remains a recommended feature, it will be interesting to see what percentage of the player base actually takes advantage of this new COVID-19 safety device during live games.