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Which Broncos rookie will have the biggest impact?

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It’s Jerry Jeudy, but is there a different answer to the question?

There is plenty of excitement around the current crop of rookies for the Denver Broncos. From Jerry Jeudy on down, Broncos Country has been excited to see how the rookies will perform.

On the MHR Radio Podcast, Ian St. Clair and I decided to try and figure out which rookie not named Jerry Jeudy would have the biggest impact in 2020. There certainly some great choices.

With the Broncos drafting Jeudy and KJ Hamler back to back, it might be tempting to take Hamler in this discussion. His speed makes him a threat on offense, but could also translate to special teams. It wouldn’t be a bad choice. Neither one of us picked him.

On defense, Michael Ojemudia could be that depth piece that is missing from this Vic Fangio defense. He looks like he has the potential to shore up the biggest question mark on the defensive side of the ball. Neither one of us picked him.

The biggest question about the future of the Denver Broncos involves the quarterback. Drew Lock is being handed the keys, and allowed to drive. The Broncos have gone about gathering weapons for Lock as he develops.

While the weapons at Lock’s fingertips are obvious, John Elway brought in a rookie that might be the smartest move out there. With Noah Fant the obvious number one tight end, it wasn’t necessary for Denver to get a tight end in the draft. However, Albert Okwuegbunam has a relationship with Lock that is hard to replicate. I picked him.

In Lock’s time at Missouri, Albert O. was one of his favorite targets. He won’t be a starter in Denver, but there is no substitute for having a tight relationship with a receiver. When things break down, or when Lock starts to struggle, the comfort of a security blanket can help keep things moving in the right direction.

It was a savvy move by Elway, and one that should help in the development of Lock. That’s impact.

Another way to help Lock’s development is to keep him upright. One way to do that is to have a good offensive line. Lloyd Cushenberry could be the anchor of the offensive line for several years. Building rapport with his QB, anchoring the offensive line, Cushenberry just might be the rookie that actually makes the biggest impact. Ian picked him.

His potential to have a Tom Nalen-esque career is exactly why Ian believes that Cushenberry is the rookie that will have the biggest impact on the Broncos. His success at LSU gives us a glimpse of what could be the future at center for Denver.

It’s an exciting time in Denver. Which rookie do you believe will have the biggest impact?