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Broncos depth at cornerback: Is it really a concern?

On Friday’s Broncos Country Tonight, our Jeff Essary was asked that question given the system that Vic Fangio runs.

The biggest question for the Denver Broncos is depth at cornerback.

There are guys who have flashed and young players with potential.

But does Vic Fangio and defensive coordinator Ed Donatell have what they need on the roster? Until the guys show it on the field, the doubt and questions will remain.

On Friday’s Broncos Country Tonight, Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright discussed the depth at cornerback with MHR’s Jeff Essary.

The point of the interview what was most interesting is when Ben asked Jeff about Fangio’s system and if depth at cornerback is the glaring weakness most think it is?

“I think one of the biggest question marks for me, even in Fangio’s defense (and) even though he does like to play a lot of two-high so you do have some help from the cornerback perspective, is when teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, and we saw it with the Oakland Raiders, like to isolate those guys on 3x1 sets. Essentially, you’re one-on-one at that point. Sometimes you can cheat a little safety help, but it becomes difficult depending on how you’re playing it. And we saw Denver really get burned a lot, particularly Isaac Yiadom. They were just picking on him. I feel like the outside cornerback position in those 3x1 sets ... you’ve got to have a guy who can hang outside at least a little bit in those one-on-one situations.”

In Jeff’s mind, he’s not sure the Broncos have that guy on the roster so it remains a concern. He added that he likes De’Vante Bausby in that role if he’s able to stay healthy.

The guys also talk about the release of tight end Jeff Heuerman and the expectations of Drew Lock as a leader in his second season.