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Check out these official New Era Broncos face coverings

These are the official New Era face coverings for the Denver Broncos and they are much nicer than the last set of face coverings to come out.

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The new reality of our society is the ever pressing need for face masks to help contain the COVID-19 pandemic. If you end up needing to go a place where a mask is required, then you might as go for some style with a Denver Broncos branded face mask.

These Broncos face coverings from New Era are very nice. I purchased a set of the first round of face masks back in July and I must have gotten the wrong size cause they were too small for me. My daughter loves them though. I’ll need get a pair of these adult-sized face masks for myself. Hopefully COVID-19 will end soon, but it’ll be nice to have these masks around for whatever may come at us in the future.

What do you think of these New Era style Broncos face masks?

NOTE: This is a special event item. Orders containing this product will be shipped separately. This item will ship no later than Thursday, October 8th.

New Era Adult Team Color On-Field Face Covering for $20
New Era Adult Color Con-Field Face Covering for $20