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The best Broncos fan community on the Internet

Let’s talk No Bull style about this site and the new comment system

NFL: Detroit Lions at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Internet is a very special place. By the 2000’s most of us knew that if anything under the sun interested us, we could just search on google and find something about it to strike our fancy.

In 2008, I recall being bored one night and looking for more information about what was happening with the Broncos when I stumbled onto a neat little site called

Mile High - U


Hoosier Teacher

All the articles I could ever want about almost every aspect of what was happening with my football team...and then at the bottom of the pages I noticed something that at the time I thought was pretty neat: a place to comment and share opinions and ideas with other Broncos fans.

It has turned into a now 12 year bucket list activity...sharing time and ideas with other like-minded fans of football. Hell, I even get to write about them now and get both lauded and flamed for my takes (hot, cold, or spot on as they might be).

I just wanted to take the time to say a few things to those of you out there who (like almost everyone I know on the planet) don’t like drastic change and abhor negative change.

Yes, the new comment system is a solid step backwards from what we had before from a user standpoint. It was forced on you all and I want to tell you as a staff member, moderator, and long standing community member, you all deserved far better. I hear you all about how poorly it has been handled.

I know I’ve hit a few comment threads to respond to many and I just want to echo some of my main messages in a bigger way.

We’ve been through this before. went through a change just like this back in the early 2010’s. It was also rolled out much like this one with the user base basically beta testing it and them developing fixes for months afterwards.

But let me encourage you...they DID develop fixes. It got better. The system you currently are missing now was the culmination of their work listening to the feedback they were given and developing the software to work better.

The community is what makes these SB Nation sites special. Any old site can blog about the Broncos, but this is the only one out there that feels like a true home for Broncos fans. Hang in there, community. It will get better.

And good or bad, feel free to drop some comments in this article. If you feel I’m missing something, I want to hear it. If you like something about the new comment system, I want to hear that too. If you have questions, I’ll drop by a few times tomorrow and answer what is here.

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