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Broncos use sanitizing mists to combat COVID-19 at practice

The Denver Broncos installed a sanitizing mist for players entering the practice field this offseason.

With COVID-19 still raging across the country, the Denver Broncos are taking as few chances as possible to keep their bubble coronavirus free. One of those ways is a sanitizing mist that players must pass through to the practice field.

Whether or not this mist is effective in any way is something that has been called into question, but if it even offers a little bit of a protection it is probably worth the investment. The team would still need to enforce the strict rules put in place by the NFL to keep COVID-19 out of the locker room.

So far, the Broncos have not had any positive tests since the initial players were put into the COVID-19 list when players first reported. That is a streak they clearly hope to keep going.