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2020 Denver Broncos Training Camp: Day 2 news and notes

Day 2 news and notes from Broncos Camp.

Denver Broncos Training Camp Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Day two of the 2020 Denver Broncos Training Camp is the books and it was a good one for the defense. Vic Fangio was bringing the heat and they were making life miserable for the quarterbacks. However, Drew Lock still managed to look good and even ended the day with a bang.

Jerry Jeudy gets first team reps

After a breakout day one practice for Jerry Jeudy, the Broncos coaches didn’t waste long to get their talented first-round pick some first-team action.

According to the media present, Jeudy received first-team reps but also received time with the first, second, and third teams as well. The coaches are clearly giving him all the reps he can get and it shouldn’t be long until he’s a mainstay with the first-team offense.

Jeudy also saw time inside at slot and outside as well. So look for Broncos Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur to move him around a lot this upcoming season.

Drew Lock looking good and connecting deep with Sutton

The Broncos defense was bringing the heat, but Drew Lock was still productive despite the constant pressure from the defense.

According to The Denver Posts Ryan O’Halloran, Lock was 13-of-17 during the 25 team drills the first team offense played this afternoon. He also was 6 of 7 during the 7-on-7 portion of practice as well.

The Broncos quarterback earned some big praise from Broncos starting inside linebacker Todd Davis after today’s practice. Davis was asked his thoughts about Lock after two days of practice.

“He looks really good. I love the way he takes changes and tries to fit balls in tight windows. I love how quickly he gets the ball out of his hands when he sees the route or he sees the play develop it’s coming out now. I told him that the other day. I like what he’s showing us. I can see where he’s going to take it in the future. It’s going to be phenomenal.”

Lock’s newly signed backfield partner, running back Melvin Gordon also had some nice compliments for the Broncos signal caller. He called Lock a “fiery quarterback”.

“I like him. Like I said, he’s a fiery quarterback. He wants to be great. He wants to learn and he’s hard on himself. Anytime he makes a bad throw, whether it’s pass catching, skeleton [drills] or anything, he’s like, ‘Hey, Mel, let’s run it back on the side. Let’s run that play back over.’ He wants to be perfectionist and I feel like as a quarterback—in some type of fashion—you have to be and think like that in a sense. Like I said, he’s a competitive person and I like that. I like that in a quarterback. I like a guy that’s going to put it all out there on the line for you, and I feel like on game day, he’s going to give us that. You like to be led by guys like that.”

I mentioned Lock ended the day on a high note and it was a big one. He completed a long 50-yard pass to wide receiver Courtland Sutton who would have a touchdown. He was being trailed by A.J. Bouye.

We should hear about these two connecting for big plays for many years to come and hopefully happening often.

Defense was bringing the heat

Broncos Head Coach Vic Fangio had his defense bring the heat during today’s practice and it made life hell for the Broncos quarterbacks

Von Miller was working Elijah Wilkinson who was your starting right tackle while Jurrell Casey, Shelby Harris, Bradley Chubb and Jeremiah Attaochu(Who was spelling Chubb) all were getting after quarterback Drew Lock.

According to media reports, Fangio was bringing four man, five man, and even six man pressures. The Broncos struggled to sack the quarterback early in the season and struggled to force turnovers all season so hopefully we can see more of this in 2020

News and Notes

  • Center Patrick Morris was receiving first-team reps at center today. It appears that they will be rotating players in and out of the first-team unit early on
  • Cornerback De’Vante Bausby opened up at the outside cornerback in nickel packages
  • Safety Trey Marshall had an interception off Jeff Driskel early on in practice
  • Linebacker Josh Watson had an interception as well as De’Vante Bausby.
  • Recently signed Demar Dotson remained on the sideline,
  • Broncos will be in pads for the first time in 2020 tomorrow

Injury Report

Tweets From Camp


Linebacker Todd Davis On the Broncos trading for DL Jurrell Casey and what he can bring to the defense

“I feel like they just went and got a phenomenal player. Already in these first two days of practice I’ve seen how much he can impact our team as a whole, defense in particular, but definitely me. I feel like when I’m lined up behind him, if they stay on the double team, then that allows me to make a play. If they don’t stay in the double team, he’ll definitely make the play. I love playing behind a dominant, physical player like that. I think it’s going to allow for me and A.J. (ILB Alexander Johnson) to make a lot more plays.”

Linebacker Todd Davis on having a social justice decal on his helmet and what the next step is for the team in its social justice initiatives

“I think that’s definitely a huge step. I think it’s important that the NFL is behind their players 100 percent, supporting us and what we feel like is important in our lives and important in the world. I think it’s great. I definitely will support and have a decal on the back of my helmet. For us as a team, we’re working with a few different things. I know Jurrell Casey is leading a charge with some messages that will go out and some different things that will help in the community. I think that’s our job, to continue this on day after day and week after week. We want to be at Week 17 continuing with this topic. We don’t want to let it die down at Week 2 or Week 3. You’re going to continue to hear from us and we’re going to continue to be in our community.”

Running back Melvin Gordon On his impressions of the offensive line

“Right now, we’re doing a pretty good job, but you know, without pads, it’s all fallacy to me. When we put the pads on, that’s when you really know and have a good feel for where you are. I think they’ve been doing a great job thus far. We’ve been having holes every day. They’ve been creating holes and openings for us, so I think we’re going to be good. It’s going to take time for those guys to really jell together and for us to get on the same page. When we do—like I said, we’re on a short schedule—when we do jell together and everybody gets on the same page, I think we’ll be fine. We’ve just got to play together as a unit. The scheme works well with the guys that we have, so it’s all about executing. I think we’ll be fine. It’s all about jelling and putting in this time during camp.”

Running back Melvin Gordon on if he thinks the team will rely on the running game early in the season

“Anytime my jersey number is called for me to make a play, I feel like I need to be accountable and to make it happen. We need to be able to do it all early and not just be able to run. We need to be a complete team early and we have to jell fast. Like I said, it is a short [training camp] schedule, so the team that jells the fastest and the team who catches that hot hand towards the end of the season, like everybody knows, is the team to be afraid of. We have to come out here and be consistent. We have to start off fast and be consistent. Be the most consistent team and make our plays when our jersey is called, whether we’re passing or whether we’re running. We’ve got to make it happen and hold each other accountable.”