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Watch Broncos rookie wide receiver K.J. Hamler put the moves on cornerback Devontae Harris

The rookie showing off his route running skills

The Broncos second-round rookie wide receiver K.J. Hamler is known for his blazing speed but he showed off his route running and ability to separate during day two of Broncos Camp.

Hamler was lined up against Devontae Harris and schooled the veteran cornerback and coming down with the catch during practice. Watch Hamler in action below.

Fellow rookie receiver, Jerry Jeudy, whom the Broncos selected in the first-round of the 2020 NFL Draft is getting all the attention at Broncos camp, but Hamler is making some noise too. On Friday, he made a diving catch on what would have been a 30-yard reception. So that is back to back practices we have clips of Hamler doing something spectacular on the practice field.

Cornerback Devontae Harris had himself a good practice. He broke up a few passes while covering wide receiver Courtland Sutton during today’s practice, but unfortunately for him, that wasn’t caught on tape and currently going viral on Twitter.

Hopefully, we get to see Hamler do this consistently on Sunday’s this upcoming season. Either way, it appears the Broncos have found themselves two very exciting, explosive, and talented wide receivers in the 2020 draft class.