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What will be different about Fantasy Football this year?

NFL football looks a lot different in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so how will all of that change your typical fantasy football league?

Fantasy Football is going to be interesting this year as commissioners attempt to plan for the possibility of highly flexible NFL rosters in 2020 as teams deal with potential COVID-19 outbreaks in locker rooms. It’s just a virtual game to be sure, but plenty of people put money down on the teams they draft for fantasy each year.

SB Nation Reacts asked fans a few questions last week about how they plan to change up their fantasy football strategy.

I’m only in two keeper leagues this year. I used to do a lot of DFS Fantasy, but apparently that isn’t legal here in Idaho and since I moved here last year that type of fantasy football fun is no longer an option for me. In those keeper leagues, our commissioner decided against the increased roster size and opted for a more flexible IR list to help teams deal with players put on the COVID-19 reserve list.

They asked a few other questions too. The first one was kind of odd to me. I’m not sure why I would change how I approach picking up my sleeper picks, but every since answering “same as always” in the poll I have wondered if I should be thinking about waiting on those guys.

The last bit is over what your driving philosophy is behind your draft strategy. I’ve always been more of a ‘gut feeling’ guy when it comes to draft day, but I definitely do quite a bit of research into other things that gurus look at and sometimes I do consider their previous years’ success.

How will you be changing up your fantasy football plans in 2020? We’re talking league-wide or your approach to building your fantasy football team this season.