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2020 Denver Broncos Training Camp: Day 5 news and notes

Here are the day 5 news and notes from Denver Broncos Training Camp.

Denver Broncos Training Camp Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Day 5 of Broncos camp is in the books and today they were in shells after two practices in pads. We have the Courtland Sutton and Drew Lock connection heating up, Lloyd Cushenberry getting first team reps, the third cornerback job a tight three-man race, injury updates, news and notes, and more.

The Drew Lock and Courtland Sutton connection is heating up

Drew Lock and number one wide receiver Courtland Sutton instantly had chemistry last season. That chemistry has picked up right where it left off so far in camp and it may even be beginning to blossom even more.

Lock connected with Sutton on two long/deep completions against the number one defense. Both times, Sutton beat Bryce Callahan and Kareem Jackson was involved in the second big play.

It’s great to see the Broncos young quarterback has already formed good chemistry with the teams number one receiver who’s a top receiver in the league. You often see disconnect early on between guys, but these two had it from the start so this is exciting.

As for Bryce Callahan, he’s a smaller corner who struggled against Sutton today and that could be something to watch moving forward. The Broncos want him to be their number two corner and that means play outside on occasion so he’ll need to fair better against taller more physical receivers.

Cushenberry receives first-team reps

It finally happened.

The rookie third-round center out of LSU, Lloyd Cushenberry received the first-team reps at center today for the Broncos

Head Coach Vic Fangio paid Lloyd Cushenberry some high praise after practice today. He told reporters that Cushenberry is smart and that is something that most rookies do not normally have.

“I think Cushenberry is doing fine. One thing that he’s got going for him that a lot of rookies don’t have going for them is that he is smart. He’s picking things up very well. He’s calm at the line of scrimmage, as you know the center has to make a lot of calls. He excels at that. He’s not a totally honed up machine on it right now, but we expect that he will be. He’s got that going for him. He’s also got going for him that he played a lot of big games at LSU especially last year where they won it all on the big stage. I think that helped him too. We’re encouraged by him. It’s a good battle between him and [G/C] Austin [Schlottmann] and [C] Pat [Morris]. “

Schlottmann still started today as the starting center for the third straight day so he has the edge here, but it’s exciting to see Cushenberry get his feet wet with the first-team offense. Add in Fangio’s compliments about his intelligence and you can see why they view him as the future at center for this team.

Third cornerback remains tight per Fangio

Again, this is probably the most competitive positional battle ongoing in camp right now an according to Vic Fangio, the battle is tight.

He told the media that no one(Bausby, Harris, and Yiadom) has pulled away from each other.

Those three guys are tight. I can honestly say none of them have pulled away from the other two yet. It’s a real tight battle. We’re going to need at least two of those guys to surface and be a good part of this team and not just be part of the team by default. That’s going to be critical for us.”

All three have shined at times throughout camp per reports. Bausby has been the most consistent of the three it sounds like and was the better player last season, but Harris and Yiadom have made positive notes throughout the first five days of camp.

I still think it’s going to be Bausby because he has the size and ability to play outside and allow Callahan play the slot. Also, when healthy, he has been the better player of the three. I think Harris and potentially Yiadom have roles on this team, but Bausby should win this battle.

Injury Report

News and Notes

Tweets From Camp


Head Coach Vic Fangio on his impressions of TE Albert Okwuegbunam

“Albert’s done well. Obviously, he’s got some good receiving abilities. We have to find out what kind of blocker he is. A big part of being a competent blocker is a mentality to want to block. As a tight end, a lot of times when you do block you’re having to block good players. A good bit of that is want to and toughness. We’re trying to figure that out with him to see if he has that part of his game.”

Head Coach Vic Fangio on how undrafted rookies can catch his eye with no preseason games

“They’re going to have to do it on the practice field. The one thing that is in their favor a little bit—and it’s just a crumb, by no means is it a big thing—is we are down to 80 guys. Of those 80, four of them are snappers and kickers. You’re down to 76 football players. They are getting more reps that if we had 90 here. The reps are coming for them. They’re just going to have to show it on the field quicker than guys in the past have. Obviously, those guys would get a lot of playing time in preseason games. That’s not going to happen. We’ll have some—we’ll practice as long as we can according to the CBA and get as many reps as we can. They’re going to have to speed it up. Like I told them, there’s no redshirt years. We want you to play.”

Linebacker Alexander Johnson on what his approach is now after being “a surprise” last season

“Where I take my own game, working on the little things, staying consistent, just working on the small things—I know you said I was a surprise. It might have been a surprise to some, but me and my family, a lot of other people knew it wasn’t a surprise. I love playing ball. I’m going to go out there and try and do the best I can do, do my job right and have fun and bring a lot of enthusiasm. Where I can take my game, you always can take your game higher. Whatever goals I had made or accomplished last year, I just want to keep increasing and being a better player for the team.”

Linebacker Alexander Johnson on what he is seeing from RB Melvin Gordon III and RB Phillip Lindsay in practice

“They’re going to be putting crazy pressure. They’re both athletic, both fast, know how to read, know how to cut. Those are—that’s a perfect lineup of running backs. I’m excited to watch them play this season because it’s going to be very exciting to watch them play. Both of them play with each other. You can bring them in and out and do all different things with them. It’s just going to make our offense and make our team a better team having them.”