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2020 Denver Broncos Training Camp: Day 7 news and notes

Here are the news and notes from day 7 of Broncos camp

Denver Broncos Training Camp Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Day 7 of Broncos camp is now in the books and they officially end their six straight practice streak. They have Saturday off so today was a padded day for them and it was a fun one. The defense dominated for the majority of practice, but the offense ended on a strong note to help salvage their day. We also have updates on the players replacing the injured, which next man up stepped up today, injury updates, news and notes and more.

Defense dominates but offense finishes strong

According to reports, the Broncos started out sluggish and the six days of practice appeared to be catching up to them. This obviously meant the Broncos defense was once again dominating out there.

Even without Von Miller or Todd Davis, the Broncos defense was still making life hell for the Broncos offense. Casey is a stud, Malik Reed ate Elijah Wilkinson’s lunch and the secondary did their thing. They dominated the first team offense and were firing on all cylinders.

However, the offense did end on a high note. During the final seconds of a team drill, wide receiver Tim Patrick caught a pass in the end zone where he tip toed to secure the catch.

Head Coach Vic Fangio commented on the offenses end of practice and if they are beginning to show signs of maturity.

“Yeah, I was pleased with the way that they finished practice obviously in the short-yardage and goal line, but we have to make sure we can move it well enough to get down to the goal line and move it well enough to get short yardage at times. It wasn’t our sharpest practice offensively up until the end, but like I said, I see flashes. I see the potential, but flashes and potential doesn’t win in the league. We have to feel the urgency of how close we are to this opening game and start looking really good.”

The offense has shown flashes and shown potential, but they have yet to put it together fully in a practice. They are practicing against a solid defense day in and day out while they are a young and growing offense, so it should take sometime.

Injury Updates

The Broncos hit the injury bug a bit on Thursday, and it sidelined players like Von Miller, Todd Davis, Melvin Gordon, and K.J. Hamler for potentially an extended period of time. We do know Hamler was out for at least two weeks, potentially up to a month but they were waiting on the results of the others.

The real worry here was with inside linebacker Todd Davis. He was carted off the field and it was announced he had a potentially serious calf injury. Thankfully, it was previously announced that Davis would be out two to three weeks, but Head Coach Vic Fangio said he will miss a week at least then they will go from there.

“I think Todd will miss at least a week. Then after that we’ll see how it goes. It’s not the same calf he had last year nor is it as serious as the one he had last year. Von’s elbow is day-to-day. I don’t think he’ll miss much time. Gordon, same, day-to-day—I don’t think he’ll miss much time.”

Thankfully for the Broncos, the Von Miller and Melvin Gordon injuries are not serious and were likely held out for precautionary reasons. So that’s a plus and we probably will see these two back on Sunday after a day off tomorrow.

As for new injuries, the only really new one was to Elijah Wilkinson who rolled his ankle, but it was just a minor injury according to Vic Fangio.

“He tweaked his other ankle, not the one that he had work on in the offseason. I think he’s OK, but again, it’s early.”

Wilkinson himself says his ankle is just fine and that he was pulled for pre-cautionary reasons.

“Oh, my ankle is fine. Just a quick roll, but everything was fine walking off. They just kind of pulled me and no reason aggravate it anymore. Everything is fine. We got tangled up a little bit, but everything is cool.”

So thankfully the Broncos came out of today’s padded practice fairly healthy.

News and Notes

  • Former Michigan State UDFA wide receiver Cody White visited the Broncos today. They need some depth at the position.
  • Center Patrick Morris took all the first team reps today while Lloyd Cushenberry took all the second team reps.
  • Right tackle Demar Dotson remained on the third team offense. Will that change after the break?
  • Rookie UDFA running back LeVante Bellamy earned some first-team reps today with Melvin Gordon sidelined.
  • Broncos announced that they will have no fans at home during week one.

Injury Report

Tweets from Camp


Head Coach Vic Fangio on his early impressions of TE Albert Okwuegbunam

“Overall, we’ve been pleased with his play thus far. He’s obviously a big target at six-five-and-a-half. He runs well. He’s got good hands. He’s been playing with a splint on his thumb here the last few days that he’s done very well with. You can’t even tell so that’s always good to see that he’s not taking the easy way out with a crutch there. Overall, we’ve been pleased with him, yes.”

Head Coach Vic Fangio on what he has seen from OLB Malik Reed throughout camp

“He’s been having a good camp. Malik is like the other guys we mentioned, plus it’s his second year in the league, second year for us in the same system. He’s showing the value of what he learned last year. He got a lot of playing time last year because of [OLB] Bradley [Chubb]’s injury. He’s made nice progress here. We just need to keep improving him on the fine points.”

Defensive lineman Dre’Mont Jones on what he has learned from talking to and watching DL Jurrell Casey

“I picked his brain a little bit. Just having him as a whole in the D-line room has been great because he provides a different aspect that we didn’t really have last year. We’ve done a lot more after-practice things just to help improve with the pass rushing aspect and just get out here a play some more in the run game. His leadership has definitely boosted our D-line room. It has made us closer honestly.”

Offensive tackle Elijah Wilkinson on how he views blocking OLBs Von Miller and Bradley Chubb

“You know, he’s Super Bowl MVP. He’s Von Miller—58. Everybody knows him, but you can’t look at it like that. You can’t be like, ‘Oh, he’s Von Miller,’ or ‘Oh, he’s Bradley Chubb.’ He’s No. 58 and I’m going to hit him (laughs). I’m not going out there soft setting or being scared to go out there. You just go out there and you hit him. He’s the same. He puts his pads on just like I do. He puts his pads and helmet on just like I do. When you have a guy like that, he’s No. 58. I not thinking about it’s Von Miller. I’m thinking about my target, where I’m aiming at, how he’s rushing, what I’m going to do to counter it and those kinds of things. You can’t think about all that. You’re not going to win.”

Offensive tackle Elijah Wilkinson on what he’s learned from Offensive Line Coach Mike Munchak

“I don’t know if I can really describe it technique wise. You’ll have to watch the tape for that. Just that aspect of it—the fundamentals of the game and understanding the shell of the defense, where they’re rotating, if there’s going to be a fire zone coming, when they’re slanting and things like that. Keys to help you out to make the game better, easier for you or slow it down a little bit. When you start seeing those kinds of things, you know the basis of the game and we’re running this play and you know who you have. When you’re breaking the huddle and you’re coming to the line, you kind of knowing what you got already. It’s not you coming to the line like, ‘What’s going on?’ You already know what’s happening, you know what technique you’re using, you know how you’re going to block a guy and you know who you’re going against. So, you’re like, ‘Alright, I’m going to do this, this and this to be able to execute that block.’”