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ESPN says Broncos could be anywhere between 5-11 and 10-6 this season

The Denver Broncos may have a ceiling of around 10-6 this year, but it’ll be highly unlikely they go 5-11 unless disaster strikes.

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The 2020 Denver Broncos are going to be tough team to figure out early on. Their defensive unit is a veteran group poised to put in a Top 5 kind of season, but the big question mark isn’t about their defense - its about their offense.

Drew Lock is set to be the guy in Denver and he is surrounded by a strong core of young players at skill positions and he’ll be taking snaps behind an offensive line with major questions at both tackle positions. Add in that and a brutally difficult schedule in 2020 and you have a potential for either a really bad season or a really good one or even one somewhere in between.

That is the same conclusion that Jeff Legwold of ESPN came to as well in his analysis of where the ceiling and floor might be for the 2020 Broncos.

Denver Broncos

Ceiling: 10-6 | Floor: 5-11

Biggest variable: The first month. Sure, Drew Lock is in his first full season as the starting quarterback, and the Broncos have plenty of work to do to set things in the offensive line, but how this season looks overall might hinge on whether Denver does far more in Weeks 1-4 than it did last season. The Broncos started 0-4, scored 16 or fewer points three times in those four games and had zero sacks on defense in the first three games. Several of the Broncos players have already said how important it is for them to find a way to be far more effective in those early days. They feel as if the team showed its potential, even before the upgrades on offense in the draft, with its 4-1 finish over the last five games of 2019. — Jeff Legwold

Denver is certainly going to put up more than 17 points per game like they did last year. The offense just has too much talent now, but we’re likely going to see a lot of inconsistency as this young group builds some chemistry together.

Even so, I still think they win closer to 10 games this season than they will towards the 5.

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