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Noah Fant excited to take advantage of matchups in Pat Shurmur’s offense.

The second year tight end said he was “pumped up” when he first heard the news that Pat Shurmur would be running the offense.

When Pat Shurmur was hired to coach the offense in Denver, I said that aside from Drew Lock, no one would likely benefit more from Shurmur’s scheme than Noah Fant.

Fant apparently agrees. He joined Broncos Country Tonight with Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright to discuss how camp has been going so far and talked about how pumped up he was when he first heard that Shurmur would be coming on board.

Right now it’s just how versatile our tight end room is. You know, he’s moving us around a lot. I think that’s my favorite thing, being able to take advantage of matchups all over the field.

Fant also talked about how he studied how Shurmur used Evan Engram and was excited to be utilized in that way in this offense.

“I think it was great. Evan Engram obviously is a great tight end. He’s still working to become better, just like me, but the way he was used was pretty cool. I looked back to the Giants when Coach Shurmur was there and also to the Vikings when he had Rudolph.

Just kind of seeing how he used both of them and kind of hoping that there’s going to be a good balance of both ways and he’s shown that so far already and I’ve been super excited, just enjoying the way he calls plays and the way our offense is moving around on the field.”

Fant certainly has the size of Rudolph and has shown the ability to play inline when called upon, but also has the athletic ability to be split out like the Giants did with Evan Engram, so it’s good to hear there will be a balance of both approaches to utilizing him, because I think Fant is versatile enough to do both.

We’ll see how it all shakes out in just a couple of weeks, but it’s good to hear from a guy who I expect to have a really good sophomore campaign under Pat Shurmur. Check out the full interview below.