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Broncos Training Camp: Day 10 news and notes

The Denver Broncos got Von Miller and Melvin Gordon back into pads on Tuesday for Day 10 of training camp. Here’s how the practice sessions went.

NFL: Denver Broncos-Training Camp Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos held Day 10 of training camp practices on Tuesday and it was a day mostly carried by the defense, but some late practice plays by Drew Lock and the offense left that side of the ball feeling good. Practice ended with both sides making the plays.

The competitive nature of the session pleased Head Coach Vic Fangio.

“I like to see good competitive practice,” Fangio said. “I think we had that today. Guys were crisp. They were competing, a lot of good, not over the top trash talking going on which I think really brought the level up at practice. I was even tempted there at one point to make one of the dills live because I think they were ready for it, but I didn’t. I thought it was a really good practice from an effort standpoint and competitive standpoint.”

Here are your Day 10 Broncos camp news and notes.

Jerry Jeudy is human

For the first time since Jerry Jeudy was selected in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, he looked like a mere human for a time. Early on in practice, Jeudy had difficulty hanging onto the passes thrown his way with two drops.

After that little hiccup, Jeudy went back to being Jerry Jeudy - catching everything thrown his way and leaving broken ankles in his wake.

Whatever early jitters Jeudy had they were well behind him late as he and Drew Lock found each other multiple times after those drops. The offense as a whole had a very strong second half of practice.

Defense dominates practice

Alexander Johnson had himself a solid practice putting the first-team defense in position to end whatever momentum the offense was hoping to get during practice. They frustrated the offense all through the early part of practice. It’s good to see the first-team unit is consistently ahead of the offense. They should be, since they are filled with veteran talent.

News and Notes

  • DaeSean Hamilton made some plays in practice. He laid himself out for one catch.
  • Lloyd Cushenberry took ALL of the first-team reps at center. That is the first time since camp started that the third-round pick took all of the first-team reps in a practice.
  • Jake Butt is still looking good, per reports out of camp. It’ll be interesting to see what Denver decides to do with him once the roster has to be finalized.
  • The biggest competition is going on at the third cornerback spot between De’Vante Bausby, Isaac Yiadom, and Devontae Harris.

Injury Report

  • A slew of Broncos missed practice with various injuries: KJ Hamler (hamstring), Juwann Winfree (groin), Michael Ojemudia (quad), Alijah Holder (soft tissue), Justin Strnad (wrist), De’Vante Bausby (soft tissue), Todd Davis (calf), Malik Carney (illness), Tim Patrick (soft tissue), Austin Fort (knee), and Mike Purcell (calf).
  • Von Miller returned to practice with full pads and got himself a sack. Easy.
  • Melvin Gordon also return to practice in full pads.
  • Vic Fangio thinks Bausby will be ready to return to practice on Thursday.

Broncos camp tweets

Vic Fangio Quotables

On what he is looking for in separation between Yiadom, Bausby and Harris

“I’m hoping to see that it’s so obvious that you guys can make the pick for us. I don’t think that will happen. I think they’re all very close, but I’d really like to see one guy surface above the rest and go grab the position and not win it by default. They all have their pluses and minuses. They’ve got to accentuate their pluses more, eliminate their minuses. Hopefully we’ll find that guy. We’ve got about 19 days to do it.”

On what he likes about what QB Drew Lock has been doing at camp and what his biggest area for improvement is

“Drew’s got good talent with the throwing the ball. He can throw the ball to all parts of the field equally well, meaning short, intermediate and deep. I like his scrambling ability which is obvious. I think he’s got a pretty good command of the offense even though it’s a new offense. There is some carryover from last year’s offense. He’s in a much better spot than he was last year at this time. He’s still a guy that’s only played five games. He’s into his second training camp. Last year’s got cut short. I like where he’s at, but he still has a lot of improvement to make I believe.”

On what Hamler can do while he is out to make sure he maximizes his time away from the field

“He needs to do what Drew Lock did last year. Now, he’s not going to be as out as long as Drew was last year. He needs to use this time that he’s out to get better. How are you going to do that as a receiver who’s got a hamstring injury? He can’t really run. The same for a quarterback last year who had a right thumb injury and couldn’t do anything. He’s got to analyze and dive into this game from a mental aspect and picture himself out there every play getting a mental rep and going through it and learning. Drew made great strides last year when he was out. We need KJ to make some of those same strides. He’s not going to be out as long as Drew was.”

On if ILB Todd Davis’s health determines if they add linebackers to the team

“Always your players’ health is going to affect the roster. I have a good feeling that he’ll be healthy in time and ready to roll. He’s made great strides here the last couple of days. A calf injury is a serious injury. It’s not one that you hear a lot about because they’re not as common as hamstrings. They’re every bit as difficult to recover from. His isn’t as bad as the one he had last year which is good, but it still is calf injury. He’s going to be limited here for a while, but I’m hopeful he’ll be back practicing at some point well before the week of the opener.”

On if C Lloyd Cushenberry III is nudging himself into some separation in the center competition

“I wouldn’t necessarily say that, but we are giving him more snaps this week with the ones. That was the plan all the way to give those guys kind of equal opportunities as much as we could with the ones. We’re always changing up who’s in there. Like I said, he’s got the opportunity, the license and the permit to go win the job, but he has to do it on the practice field.”

On what he is looking for at inside linebacker from LB Justin Hollins, ILB Josh Watson and ILB Joe Jones

“We’re looking for all of those guys really to surface and be a competitive ILB in the NFL, one that can go in there and play and we feel fine calling our defense and not have to feel like we need to protect him and be worried about him. That goes for everybody really. Joe’s been here long enough now. He ought to be getting closer to that. Hollins just got put back there. He needs a couple days before we start drawing any conclusions. Who was the other guy you brought up? Josh has been out there every day. He’s doing well. Josh’s just got to learn the defense better. I think inside linebacker—and when I say learn it better, not his assignments but just the execution after the ball is snapped. Inside linebacker in any system is on the hardest positions to master. There’s a lot of stuff going on quickly that you have to dissect and show up in the right places. He’s a work in progress right now in that regard.”