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What is the biggest issue Drew Lock must overcome in 2020?

The tape seems to suggest Drew Lock struggled with confidence in what he was seeing on the field in his five games as a rookie.

Film reviews around the nation have been rather positive on Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock this offseason. Everyone seems to agree there is a lot of potential there. In the video above, Brett Kollmann tried to find where Lock needs to improve the most in 2020. He wasn’t overly negative and expressed his belief there is a ton of potential with Lock, but sometimes its good to look at the bad.

The biggest issue according to Kollmann was Lock’s confidence with what he was seeing. Early on in his first few starts, Lock took shots down the field and looked for the big play. However, NFL defenses started to put guys in places Lock didn’t expect and by the final two games Lock had transformed into a dink and dunk safe play quarterback.

Lock would finish his five starts in 2019 ranked 39th in the NFL in attempts per game of over 20 yards and 42nd in his deep throw percentage per game. He was still able to move the ball and put enough points on the board to win games, but it does show that there should be some concern from us fans in terms of his growth in year two.

With a new offensive coordinator, there might be some concern about Lock’s learning curve with Pat Shurmur, but so far Lock is loving the new system.

“I would say that it feels right at home,” Lock said of Shurmur’s system last Friday. “I think this is where COVID kind of comes into play where, yes, we could have gotten right into running it on the field, but if you’re more of a guy who likes to see it, likes to draw it up on the board, likes to hear it from the coach multiple times before you go out and run it, that’s exactly what we got. We got a lot of time to sit together as a quarterback room and even by yourself at home. It allows you an opportunity to go over the plays multiple times a day to where when you go out there and you’re running certain install, whatever, you’ve heard this play, you’ve seen this play, you know everything that’s going on because you’ve been able to sit there for however many months and go over it to be prepared for when you finally got to be out on the field which was now for us.”

Hopefully an offseason of studying will give him more confidence in what he is reading from opposing defenses, but as a young quarterback he’s still going to have too shake off the mistakes he does make. We all know how well an offense does once defenses no longer fear a deep throw.

What do you think, Broncos Country?