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What do the Broncos need from WRs not named Courtland Sutton?

George Chahrouri joined BCT to discuss this question.

It’s not secret that Courtland Sutton has proven himself to be a big time wide receiver for the Denver Broncos. It is also no secret that there is a huge amount of excitement around the incoming talent at WR for the Broncos.

George Chahrouri joined Ryan and Ben on Broncos Country Tonight. While Sutton is the clear number one, the question becomes, what needs to be seen from players like Jerry Jeudy, KJ Hamler, and the other wide receivers to make this offense better?

Chahrouri compared what Sutton did in 2019 to what Davante Adams has done in Green Bay. The obvious weapon in Sutton still putting up big numbers.

Difficulty is that rookie wide receivers don’t always have huge success right away. That means that all the drooling over Jerry Jeudy workout videos (myself included) might need to be tempered just a bit.

Ben discussed Tim Patrick being the guy early on to play the supporting role to Sutton, until Jeudy and Hamler can get their NFL sea legs under them.

The other factor that has to be considered is the play of Drew Lock. Youth is a great thing to have on a football team, but it means that all the excitement can disappear quickly if things don’t gel. Jeudy and Hamler will find success if Lock is successful.

If the Broncos offense is going to be better in 2020 Sutton will be a big part of that. However, as the obvious offensive target, it will be important for other weapons to step up and make plays. It won’t just be Jeudy and Hamler. Noah Fant will play a big role, as will Phillip Lindsay and Melvin Gordon.

There is a lot of offseason positivity around what is going on in Denver. If they can live up to half the hype, they will be a miles better on offense than they were the last 4 seasons.