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How will games be different in 2020 without fans in the stands?

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing and fans unlikely to be in full attendance at NFL games in 2020, how will things be different on the field?

Things are going to be A LOT different for NFL fans in 2020. It’s increasingly unlikely that there will be any type of fans in the stadiums this year, which will dramatically change the feel of games. SB Nation ran an NFL Reacts poll this week to find out what people think might be different.

One of the questions I personally answered ended up having me on the minority side of things. With no fans in attendance, I just don’t see where players will have as much amped up motivation to celebrate after touchdowns. Oh, I’m sure there will be celebrating with their teammates and such, but with no crowd to give the roar of a touchdown, I think it could be a bit muted in 2020 on the celebrations.

Their other question, I wasn’t so sure I cared about. I’ve never been big to going to games, so none of these appealed to me one way or the other. I voted with the majority here for the giveaways, because who doesn’t want some free stuff?

What do you think Broncos Country? What will be the biggest changes you think we’ll see during NFL games if there aren’t any fans attending?

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