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Former Broncos’ safety T.J. Ward shares ‘good, bad, ugly’ of 16-14 loss

‘The Boss’ is back to contributing to the Broncos, but this time it’s as a Monday morning (or Tuesday afternoon) QB for Mile High Report.

Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos Photo by Joe Amon/The Denver Post via Getty Images

T.J. Ward is back to football.

Although this time it’s from the comfort of his couch and in front of the TV.

A new father - as of four weeks ago - and living back in Denver, the former Broncos’ safety is excited to watch Denver this year as the team tries to hold on to some defensive dominance while building its young offense.

That’s why he’ll be contributing a “Good, Bad and Ugly” post for Mile High Report every week reviewing the game that was.

I caught up with Ward last week to talk Broncos football - a little bit about the current team and a WHOLE LOT about the 2015 team (because the farther we get away from that epic defense, the more we should realize how amazing it was) - and I should warn you that he picked the Titans to win.

Despite my obvious disappointment in that choice, Ward had a feeling Tennessee would just be too established at quarterback, running back and receiver - not to mention boasting a returning top defense - for the untested Broncos to sneak past them with a win.

In fact, had Stephen Gostkowski not blown 10 points in missed kicks, Ward’s prediction would have been even more true.

TJ Ward’s Broncos Notebook Week 1: Tennessee v. Denver

The Good

Drew Lock. The second-year signal caller looks confident, and he commanded the offense with intent. He made some throws he probably wishes he could have back, but you take away those - and a couple of Jerry Jeudy drops - and he wins this game on offense.

On the Titans side, Corey Davis last night looked like the first-round pick he was. He caught everything thrown his way and was the main target all night. If this continues, I’m gonna have to switch him and A.J. Brown on my fantasy team!

The Bad

Jeudy dropped too many passes in important situations.

That said, I wouldn’t expect this weekly. He was wide open both times, meaning he beat his coveragebadly.

He will continue to be a frequent target and will turn it around.

The Ugly

Going to the Titans for this one - defense and special teams. Tennessee’s defense looked confused at many times - bad penalties, ejection.

They continued to let Broncos’ young offense drive down the field. The Titans are supposed to be one of the best defenses in the league, and they didn’t look it.

I’ll let the kicking speak for itself. SMH. At least he bounced back and made the game winner. Gostkowski, that is.

What do you think, Broncos Country?

Curiously, Ward left off the Broncos’ defense from his review, but I guess when you’ve been a key member of the No Fly Zone, it takes a while before you can review that crew. Though he did tell me that he likes the Fangio scheme and all the ways he lets players “see the field.”

“He definitely lets players see the opposition without backs being turned,” Ward said. “It’s like a puzzle and you have players who, if they fit in it correctly, they are going to make plays. It gives you a lot of abilities to make plays. I know the safeties love it.”

And Ward did say the Kareem Jackson/Justin Simmons duo is a “damn good tandem,” so perhaps they can make Ward’s “good” list next week.


Which Broncos’ player was most like ‘a boss’ in Monday night’s game?

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