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The return of KJ Hamler is ‘huge’ for the Broncos offense

MHR’s Joe Rowles joined Broncos Country Tonight to discuss the Broncos offense against the Steelers and what he saw from Drew Lock in Monday night’s opener.

The first road test is here for the Denver Broncos.

Drew Lock and the Broncos will to make headway against a Pittsburgh Steelers front seven that looks incredibly good.

After the Monday night opener to the Tennessee Titans, there’s an indication of what Denver needs to carry over and improve upon.

On Friday’s Broncos Country Tonight, MHR’s Joe Rowles joined Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright to discuss what he saw on the All-22 and Sunday’s game. Joe also touched on what he though of Lock’s play and what the Broncos have in the young quarterback.

What will definitely help against the Steelers is to get some receivers back. KJ Hamler is set to make his debut on Sunday and Courtland Sutton remains questionable. Based on the amount of times Broncos offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur ran three-wide receiver sets on Monday (60% of the time, according to Joe), the return of Hamler is huge.

“I liked what Tyrie Cleveland showed, but I do think that Hamler should be able to offer more,” Joe told the guys. “The threat he poses on motion, on screen plays, that’ll help the whole offense because when he moves around, the defense has to pay attention to him, which should create other opportunities for Melvin Gordon and other receivers to get open.”