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Fangio: Drew Lock out ‘3-5 weeks’

But the starting quarterback will get a second opinion on his strained rotator cuff.

Denver Broncos v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

If the injury news was dreadful yesterday, it was abysmal today.

Along with news that Courtland Sutton is done for the season with a knee injury and that Dre’Mont Jones will miss four to six weeks and DeMarcus Walker will also miss time, Broncos learned that Drew Lock will be out a few weeks, but the head coach believes “three to five” is the likely time frame.

“There’s nothing structurally wrong with his shoulder,” Vic Fangio said Monday. “He’s just got a bad bruise there. When it’s your throwing shoulder, it’s going to take time to heal. It’s got to calm down, get his strength back to where he fully has it and he can operate at 100 percent.”

All things considered, that was possibly the best of the bad news on Monday.

After the game Sunday Lock told the media that his style of play is to always be aggressive and try to make something happen. Sometimes that creates more chance of injury, he said, acknowledging that last year’s injury to his hand came from trying to make a play.

“I won’t sit here and tell you if I’m close to getting out of it and making the big play for us, that I’m going to lay down and take the sack,” he said. “I’m going to stay aggressive and try to not have these awkward things happen and fall weird. There could be a slight adjustment into what I think is a makable escape. I’m going to stick true to my guns and what got me here, what helped us win a couple games last year and what’s going to help us win games this year.”

That means at least for the Buccaneers and Jets games, Jeff Driskel will take the helm.

Fangio noted after the Steelers’ game that given the fact that Driskel had taken very few snaps with the starting offense, his performance was better than expected.

“When you have a young quarterback like Drew, [Driskel] doesn’t get a lot of snaps in practice as maybe some backups do. Plus, we had a short week,” Fangio noted. “In lieu of all the circumstances, and going against a good defense, I thought he did an admirable job. He’ll only get better if we have to continue with him.”