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NFL Power Rankings for Week 3: Too many injuries in 2020!

You can probably stick a fork in the Denver Broncos 2020 season, but there is still more than enough time to turn things around.

Denver Broncos v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

The season is essentially over for the 2020 Denver Broncos, because the laundry list of significant injuries to their best players just seems to keep growing with each game. It’s painful, but looking ahead to 2021 is something a lot of us here outside of football are looking forward to as well. Let’s just move forward, okay?

The good news for Broncos fans is that Denver still has a lot of talent on the team and will likely win more games than the leagues worst teams. There is no tanking for Trevor Lawrence, so quit that nonsense.

As I typed all of those negative words on how down I feel about the Broncos, I also acknowledge that there are still 14 games left and that is plenty of time to turn things around. Just right now, on Monday night, after a day filled with negative injury news, there just isn’t a whole lot of hope in my orange and blue heart.

Let’s get to the power rankings for Week 3. Here is a graphic on where I would slide each team in on specific tiers.

Through two weeks, there are a couple of surprises for me around the rest of the league. First, the NFC West looks like a bad ass division that is going to be tough one to win. I’ve also completely overrated the Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons early, so I won’t be making that mistake in my Week 3 power rankings.

I think the Top 4 teams are the true contenders for a Super Bowl right now, but those in the next six spots are on the verge of becoming challenges on any given Sunday.

Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

Rank Team Record
Rank Team Record
1 Kansas City Chiefs 2-0
2 Baltimore Ravens 2-0
3 Seattle Seahawks 2-0
4 Green Bay Packers 2-0
5 Pittsburgh Steelers 2-0
6 Arizona Cardinals 2-0
7 Buffalo Bills 2-0
8 Los Angeles Rams 2-0
9 Tennessee Titans 2-0
10 New Orleans Saints 1-1
11 San Francisco 49ers 1-1
12 Dallas Cowboys 1-1
13 New England Patriots 1-1
14 Indianapolis Colts 1-1
15 Las Vegas Raiders 2-0
16 Chicago Bears 2-0
17 Los Angeles Chargers 1-1
18 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-1
19 Jacksonville Jaguars 1-1
20 Houston Texans 0-2
21 Atlanta Falcons 0-2
22 Minnesota Vikings 0-2
23 Philadelphia Eagles 0-2
24 Cleveland Browns 1-1
25 Washington Football Team 1-1
26 Denver Broncos 0-2
27 Carolina Panthers 0-2
28 Miami Dolphins 0-2
29 Cincinnati Bengals 0-2
30 New York Giants 0-2
31 Detroit Lions 0-2
32 New York Jets 0-2