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Who will step up for the Broncos after all the injuries?

The injury bug means big needs from unexpected places

With all the injuries the Denver Broncos are dealing with, it is frustrating here in Broncos Country. QB1, WR1, RB2, CB1, CB3 (slated to start), HOF pass rusher, 2 defensive linemen, LT questionable, need I go on?

Even with all the injuries, the Broncos have been able to stay in both their games this season. When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers come to Denver, there are a few players that will need to step up.

But it’s not just about players stepping up to get a win. The Broncos will be able to use the injuries as a chance to see different players on the field.

With Courtland Sutton gone for the season, Tim Patrick is the obvious player that could fill the hole he leaves in the offense. Jerry Jeudy will also have a big chance at taking over as the possession receiver. However, the player that has the opportunity to become the field stretcher is KJ Hamler.

Hamler is returning from his own injury issues. In the game against the Steelers, Hamler was able to make a couple big plays. Now, he might be the Broncos best downfield option.

Michael Ojemudia has been a big part of the defense already. He will continue to get his chances, and will need to come up big to help shore up the secondary for Denver.

Noah Fant and Melvin Gordon will need to continue to make big plays for the offense. They have led the way so far, and will be huge in helping to keep the Broncos is games.

Injuries are a part of sports. There is not much a team can do about them. All you can do is put the next guy in and hope he performs.