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Optimism gives way to ugly Denver Broncos reality

Remember two months ago when we thought the Broncos could make some noise this year? That was nice.

Nobody saw this coming.

As recent as late August, fans were feeling the Broncos 2020 season. With articles entitled, Is excitement around Broncos training camp warranted?, Atwater: ‘We’re in for a treat this season’, and Opinion: Many analysts are very wrong about the Denver Broncos, we here at Mile High Report were pumped to see what this Denver team could do.

The Something Something Broncos Podcast crew were convinced that Denver was going to rebound, each of us predicting at least an 11-win season (Tim and I picked 12-4 and a more reserved Laurie went 11-5). Boy, were we wrong!

With Von Miller, Drew Lock, Courtland Sutton, Phillip Lindsay, A.J. Bouye, Davontae Harris, DeMarcus Walker and a half-dozen others dealing with devastating injuries, it’s unfortunate the hopes for greatness in posited in those articles above may not manifest this year.

Unlike in years past, there is nobody to blame for Denver’s shortcomings, but the epidemic of injuries that appear to be plaguing the NFL as a whole due to the cancellation of the preseason. I’ll admit, I’m usually the first person to point an accusatory finger at a player, coach, or executive, but this year is totally different. It’s not anyone’s fault.

That’s what makes it so depressing.

So how bad will the Denver Broncos be? We’ll find out next Thursday against the New York Jets. Rarely do I look down the schedule for a measure on the team, but Sunday’s matchup against Tampa Bay and Tom Brady already feels like somewhat of a lost cause. If Denver can’t beat Tampa or the New York Jets, there’s no telling how far the Broncos fall will be.

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