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NFL Power Rankings for Week 4

If you love the Denver Broncos, you probably don’t want to know where they rank heading into Week 4. There’s not much power to their ranking.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Three games is just about enough time to find out where teams are likely headed for the season as a whole. Those slow starts or early stumbles usually begin to work themselves out for the good teams and pile up for the bad ones.

I’m still holding out on a couple of 0-3 teams. I think the Houston Texans might be the one that turns it around in time to make a late playoff push. They were competitive in each of their first three games against 3 of the Top 5 teams I have on my power rankings in the Chiefs, Ravens, and Steelers. I also think the Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings are better than their records, but they may not be able to turn it around in time in a strong NFC.

Then, of course, there is our beloved Denver Broncos. They hit the 30th spot in this week’s power rankings and will battle it out with the 32nd team New York Jets on Thursday Night Football. The loser will get the inside track to the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes.

Here are your NFL power rankings for Week 4.

Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

Rank Team Record
Rank Team Record
1 Kansas City Chiefs 3-0
2 Green Bay Packers 3-0
3 Baltimore Ravens 2-1
4 Seattle Seahawks 3-0
5 Pittsburgh Steelers 3-0
6 Buffalo Bills 3-0
7 Tennessee Titans 3-0
8 Arizona Cardinals 2-1
9 San Francisco 49ers 2-1
10 New England Patriots 2-1
11 Los Angeles Rams 2-1
12 New Orleans Saints 1-2
13 Indianapolis Colts 2-1
14 Dallas Cowboys 1-2
15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-1
16 Chicago Bears 3-0
17 Las Vegas Raiders 2-1
18 Cleveland Browns 2-1
19 Los Angeles Chargers 1-2
20 Houston Texans 0-3
21 Washington Football Team 1-2
22 Miami Dolphins 1-2
23 Jacksonville Jaguars 1-2
24 Atlanta Falcons 0-3
25 Carolina Panthers 1-2
26 Detroit Lions 1-2
27 Minnesota Vikings 0-3
28 Philadelphia Eagles 0-2-1
29 Cincinnati Bengals 0-2-1
30 Denver Broncos 0-3
31 New York Giants 0-3
32 New York Jets 0-3