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There are questions about how good Drew Lock can be

George Chahrouri of PFF joined BCT to talk about how Lock grades out, and what that means.

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It’s always interesting to get an outside perspective about the Denver Broncos. When George Chahrouri of PFF joined Ryan and Ben on Broncos Country Tonight they brought up the recent QB rankings by Sam Monson.

His outside perspective puts Drew Lock all the way down as the 32nd ranked QB amongst starters.

Are you done screaming at your screen? Or have you finished laughing? Now, let’s try not to take this personally, but I wouldn’t fault you for writing this off as worthless.

What this kind of ranking actually shows is just how big the potential swing is with Lock. When you look at the rankings, and you see which QBs are in the same tier as Lock, it shows that some players are ranked high because they seem to be outperforming their talent level, while others are ranked low because the potential is so great.

As Chahrouri said, PFF has not been as impressed with Lock. His numbers, using their metrics, haven’t been great. Then again, the eye test would indicate that Lock should rank much higher than players like Gardner Minshew, or rookie Joe Burrow.

In Denver, expectations are high. There are many in the national media who have hyped up the Broncos chances of making the playoffs, and have put Lock in there as a big reason why they have that chance. However, the wide range of predictions shows that the Broncos young QB is still an unknown quantity.

What we do know is that the answer to all those questions around the team will be arriving shortly.