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Broncos Country could be divided after Thursday Night Football

Whether it’s the Drew Train or the Trevor Tank hinges on the Jets game.

You can feel the wave building in Broncos Country, even before you can see it. Every time a player for the Denver Broncos goes down with an injury, the rumble gets a little louder.

The news of Jurrell Casey’s torn bicep may have increased the rumble to a loud thunder clap. It’s sounds like that clap is echoing, “TREVOR... LAWRENCE...” as it flows across the orange and blue sky.

That’s right. We have, after three games and a quarter of the roster hurt, found ourselves in the unenviable (enviable?) position of trying to decide which camp we fall into. Should we jump on the Trevor Tank, or stay on the Drew Train?

Throw in Elijah Wilkinson going on IR, and the onslaught of injuries have reshaped the direction of the Broncos 2020 season. As Ian St. Clair and I discussed on the MHR Radio Podcast, what happens on Thursday Night Football against the New York Jets is likely going to push fans in one direction or the other.

The two camps that could begin to form, and probably have already started to accept members are those who wish to continue to ride the Drew Train and fans who are all in for losing for Lawrence.

Tanking is absolutely wrong, and players will refuse to throw in the towel on this season. However, a growing number of fans will begin longing for the flowing locks of a potentially generational player in Trevor Lawrence.

This is a tough position to be in for the Broncos. Drew Lock deserves an opportunity to prove he can be a franchise QB in the NFL. In a perfect world he would return to the field sooner, rather than later, and make his case with some resounding wins, and Denver would be in a position to draft a solid tackle to help fix the offensive line.

But, also, in a perfect world the Broncos would have the ability to draft the next generational QB to compete with Patrick Mahomes.

A loss to the Jets, and the later seems to be the more likely scenario. I guess we will know more on Thursday night.