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How can the Broncos help Rypien find success?

George Chahrouri joined BCT to talk about the Broncos young QB.

The Denver Broncos will face the New York Jets with Brett Rypien as their starting QB on Thursday Night Football. The Broncos and Jets are battling for the title, “Worst Team in the NFL.”

George Chahrouri joined Ryan and Ben on Broncos Country Tonight and discussed what the Broncos might do to help Rypien find success. The name of the game for the offense should be play action fro Chahrouri.

Look at what the Rams have done with Jared Goff, or how San Francisco has run their offense. Focusing on shorter routes off of play action could give Rypien less to think about, and more time to throw.

The Jets don’t exactly pose a serious threat, but Rypien will be playing in his first start in the NFL. The best thing Pat Shurmur can do for the young QB is simplify the game. Make it easier for him to go through his reads.

The Broncos should have a chance at getting their first win of the season on Thursday Night Football. The Jets are bad. No other description is necessary. But the Broncos are bad, too. Anything could happen.