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PFF ranks Drew Lock the worst starting quarterback in NFL

Haters gonna hate. Sam Monson from Pro Football Focus apparently has no love for Drew Lock in 2020.

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Everyone seems to love Drew Lock and the potential he has shown through his first season. Well everyone except Sam Monson from Pro Football Focus. He recently ranked every starting quarterback in the NFL heading into 2020 and of all 32 of them, he sees Drew Lock as the worst of the entire lot.


Despite even less evidence of quality play than Haskins, optimism surrounding Drew Lock seems to be far higher. As rookies, Lock had fewer positively graded plays and big-time throws than Haskins, albeit on fewer snaps as a starter. He certainly flashed the potential to be good, but we just haven’t seen enough to suggest that he belongs any higher on this list yet. The encouraging news is that Denver threw everything it had at the roster this offseason to surround Lock with the best possible supporting cast, so he will have a dramatically improved group of players to help him thrive in Year 2.

This coming from the same group that says Garett Bolles was an above average tackle last year. Here are some of the players Monson placed above Lock in his rankings: Dwayne Haskins, Sam Darnold, Nick Foles(is he starting now?), Daniel Jones, Gardner Minshew, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Joe Burrow.

Burrow might be good, but to put him at 22 behind one of the leagues worst offensive lines is a bit optimistic. The rest are pretty below average and I could easily ask 100 smart, film-driven people where Drew Lock ranks on that list of quarterbacks and 99 of them wouldn’t put him at the bottom.

PFF being PFF, they will probably find a way to justify their poor ratings on Lock even if he has a standout season. We’ll likely see the credit given to the talent around him instead of the man himself. I could be wrong about that, but we’ll just have to see how it plays out.

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