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Report: Dave Ziegler withdraws from the Broncos General Manager search

We are down to four names.

Denver Broncos 2011 Headshots Photo by NFL via Getty Images

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Patriots Director of Player Personnel, Dave Ziegler, has withdrawn his name from the Denver Broncos General Manager search.

According to Rapoport, Ziegler has committed to Patriots while the Patriots committed to Ziegler’s future with them. Nick Caserio, the now former Patriots director of player personnel was hired by the Houston Texans to be their General Manager. So, this opened up that role for Ziegler who likely will be promoted in-house to replace Caserio.

For the Broncos, this leaves a total of four names left in their search to find John Elway’s replacement at General Manager. Those four being the Viking’s George Paton. the Bears Champ Kelly, the Saints Terry Fontenot, and the Broncos Brian Stark. The Broncos finished up their interviews with these four mean earlier today and now are deciding their next course of action. Whether that be offering the job to one of these four mean, bringing one or more in for a face to face interview, or deciding to interview more candidates.

The Vikings George Paton(pronounced Payton) is still the reported front-runner for the job, but he has other offers on the table and has turned down job offers before to stay with the Vikings, so that is something to watch. The Bears Champ Kelly was the early favorite, but there are also rumors of a Paton/Kelly pairing to replace Elway and Russell in the Broncos front office. So that is also something else to keep an eye on this week.

I believe we’ll get a second round of in-person interviews followed by a hiring sometime later this week. That’s just a guess on my part, but it seems like we’re nearing the end of the process. It sounds like it is George Paton’s job if he wants it and if not, it’s potentially between two up and comers in Kelly and Fontenot. I think ideally, the Broncos want the rumored Paton/Kelly pairing to inject some fresh blood and eyes into the Broncos front office.

Either way, It appears we shall have an answer sooner rather than later when it comes to finding John Elway’s replacement at General Manager.