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What could the Broncos do in the NFL draft?

Broncos Country Tonight discussed the various scenarios and potential players for the Broncos with Russell Brown.

Now that the Denver Broncos have their general manager, the rumor and speculation has begun on players and team make up.

One of those involves the NFL draft.

On Broncos Country Tonight, Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright went over the various scenarios with Russell Brown. He’s the national scout for

Since quarterback is at the top of the of everyone’s mind, Ryan asked about the potential quarterbacks Denver could look at in the later rounds.

The other scenario and position that is thrown around by fans and media is cornerback.

There’s no question the Broncos need a top-flight cornerback, and if Patrick Surtain II from Alabama is there at No. 9, George Paton and Co. may not have a choice.

“For me, Patrick Surtain would be the guy at the top of the list,” Brown said about the cornerbacks in this year’s draft. “I think at No. 9 that’s a great landing spot for him. I think that’s a reasonable spot. He’s got great length and it stands out immediately on tape. I really fluid lower body. Just a fluid athlete. ... I think Surtain would make the most sense for this team and the direction they need defensively.”

Bonus listen

MHR’s Joe Rowles joined the guys to discuss his thoughts on Drew Lock and if the Broncos should draft a quarterback.