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Broncos fan confidence surges with hiring of George Paton

In our weekly fan confidence survey, we noticed a huge spike from fans after the Denver Broncos hired George Paton.

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In our weekly SB Nation Reacts survey, there was a lot of good stuff covered. The meat of the news was how overwhelmingly supportive fans are for the Denver Broncos hiring of George Paton as the new General Manager for the team. As beloved as John Elway was and still is, I think we all felt it was time for a change after a fourth consecutive losing season. I’m glad Elway is stick around through the final year of his contract, but I’m also glad to have fresh perspective running the front office now.

At the end of the season, fan confidence was hovering right around 43% confident. Just three weeks later, that confidence rating has risen to 70%. If Paton starts making good, logical moves then we should expect that number to rise after free agency.

We do have the conference championship games coming up this weekend. As I am sure most of us are rooting for the Buffalo Bills, the national survey revealed that much of the fans from other fan bases are pulling for the Bills as well. Here are the results for who they think will actually win the Super Bowl.

I think it’ll be the Green Bay Packers over the Kansas City Chiefs personally, but I’ll be rooting for the Bills this weekend for sure.

Anyway, what do you think of these results for the Broncos and the Super Bowl?

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