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Broncos are pretty well set along the interior of their offensive line

They could use a little more depth, but the rotation set of the guys currently signed looks pretty solid for the Denver Broncos in 2021.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

After taking a day off, we’re back to kick off the review of the offensive side of the ball. We completed the last defensive position group on Tuesday. This first one is going to be a bit short and sweet, since we all agreed that there isn’t much the Denver Broncos need to do about the interior of the offensive line this offseason.

However, that might be some discussion on the long-term view of where things should go for this position group. Come back on Friday for the real debate, which will be on the Broncos offensive tackle position.

Broncos interior offensive line

Player Position Height Weight Age Contract Status
Player Position Height Weight Age Contract Status
Cushenberry III, Lloyd C 6' 03" 312 23 Signed through 2023
Morris, Patrick OL 6' 02" 293 25 Signed through 2021
Muti, Netane OG 6' 03" 315 21 Signed through 2023
Risner, Dalton OG 6' 05" 312 25 Signed through 2022
Glasgow, Graham OG 6' 06" 306 28 Signed through 2023
Schlottmann, Austin OL 6' 06" 300 25 ERFA

Tim Lynch: This position grouping is going to be the most boring in my opinion. Boring because I don’t think the Broncos should do a damn thing here. Keep everyone they have here on the roster already and maybe add a late round guy in the NFL Draft.

Scotty Payne: We’re set. Cush is the center and Risner and Glasgow/Muti are the guards. Schlottmann provides good depth as well. That’s all I got.

Joe Rowles: I would expect the Broncos interior offensive line to look pretty settled. Dalton Risner is locked in at left guard. Center and Right Guard will probably come down to Lloyd Cushenberry and Graham Glasgow with an outside shot Netane Muti pushes his way into consideration.

As far as the draft or free agency goes - ideally the Broncos will find someone who can play both outside and inside. If you’re trying to armchair scout linemen this offseason that versatility is something to watch for. Teams generally carry 8-10 OL on the roster and so the guys who suit up on gameday have to wear a few hats.

What I would do

The only thing I would do here would be for the Broncos to draft a guy they like late on Day 3 of the 2021 NFL Draft. The rotation inside looks pretty solid and if Netane Muti continues to develop (he’s still only 21 years old), they have the future locked down once Graham Glasgow’s contract is up.

As we all know, they could always use more depth so that is where that Day 3 pick comes into play. They should always pick up an offensive lineman late in drafts, because you find a lot of quality starters for the line at great value there.