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Jerry Jeudy says he has a lot more to work on before next season

The Denver Broncos found a keeper in the first round in Jerry Jeudy and he showed it with his best game yet in Week 17.

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos lost a heartbreaker to the Las Vegas Raiders to close out the 2020 season, but that shouldn’t take away from some of the high points from that game. The biggest was in the form of Jerry Jeudy and his bounce back game.

A week after having an incredible amount of drops he came up with five receptions for 140 yards that included a 92-yard catch and run in the fourth quarter.

Jeudy finished with 52 catches for 856 yards and three touchdowns in his rookie year. He was interviewed after the game and he talked a lot about his mindset coming into the game and what he plans to do to prepare for next season.

He sounds like a guy who is rarely satisfied with his production and puts in the work to get better every day. Frankly, I think the Broncos found someone very special when they selected Jeudy in the first round last year. He and Courtland Sutton are going to be quite the pair.

On his mindset coming into the game today

“Today I was just thinking, make sure I don’t have a week like last week. I did everything in my power to make sure I catch everything my way, let the ball in and then execute my play.”

On bouncing back after having a difficult game last week

“I didn’t have no doubt. The way I’m wired, I knew last game was going to be one of the last bad games I have my whole life. I learned a lot from that game. Coming into this game I was just a lot more focused, a lot more focused on the details and just catching the ball.”

On evaluating his rookie season

“It would be better to close off with a ‘W.’ My rookie season, it was a good start, but I feel like there’s a lot more. It could have been better, but we’re going to see what the future holds.”

On how much a normal offseason will help his game

“During the offseason, you want to have a lot of repetition. For me, the way I think, at the end of the day, football is football. Either you’re prepared or you’re not, so that’s how I think of it.”

On having a good performance in the last game of the season

“It means a lot. You don’t want to finish off the season with a bad game, so I made sure this game I did everything in my power to make plays and finishing strong.”

On continuing to build his relationship with QB Drew Lock this offseason

“I feel like each and every day we built a lot of chemistry throughout the whole season. It’s going to mean a lot. You get a lot of repetition with each other during the offseason so you can build that chemistry up and just keep working until the season begins.”

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