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If I were the GM, here would be my plan for the 2021 Denver Broncos

If John Elway wants a wildcard GM, Joe Rowles has some lofty plans.

Denver Broncos vs New York Jets
Don’t Ryp up my resume just yet.

Thanks for the grub. Fun fact: I went to Elway’s my first trip to Denver. The ribs were fantastic, though it was kind of weird being the only patron in a Broncos’ jersey. I digress, though. Glad you invited me, John, now is probably a good time to lay out my vision for the direction of the Denver Broncos.

You make some good points on the personnel department. A wise man once told me, “Smart people recognize what they don’t know.” Coming from Mile High Report, I definitely see why it would make sense to keep the vast majority of the player personnel department in place. The last couple years speak for themselves. Your team has done a fantastic job finding guys like Malik Reed, Dre’Mont Jones, and Shelby Harris. I definitely want to give Emily Kuehler some real help and add bodies to the scouting department. You got a budget for it? Good, I figure that’ll take some of the load off the coaches’ plates. We’ll consult with them a good bit to really narrow down what traits they want at each spot, but I’d prefer Vic, Pat, and the staff focusing on how best to maximize the players we know we’ll have.

As for the roster itself, you and the coaches have worked with these guys everyday and I’d be dumb to ignore you, but I have a few thoughts.

As of today, every Bronco currently under contract for 2021.


Sam Martin, Brandon McManus, Jacob Bobenmoyer

  • It speaks to McManus’ leg that I thought he’d have a chance at that 70-yarder.
  • Martin was solid when you consider he had eight games at altitude. I’ll look at legs, but we aren’t looking to push him out the door.

Defensive backs

A.J. Bouye, Michael Ojemudia, Bryce Callahan, Kareem Jackson, Trey Marshall, Duke Dawson, Parnell Motley, Essang Bassey, Nate Hairston, Chris Cooper, P.J. Locke III

  • I re-sign Justin Simmons on day one. No, I don’t care about the cap hit. We’re doing it.
  • Bouyé has played in 34 games the last three seasons and will miss more games for the PEDs. I know Vic and Ed like him, so I will give him a call, but he either takes a haircut or hits the road. We can find better ways to spend $13,375,000.
  • Regardless of the Bouye move, we’ll cast a wide net on corners. I doubt 10 guys play again next year because, my dog, that was insane, but it’s a passing league. You can’t have too many dudes back there.
  • I kept waiting for Jackson’s legs to fall off. I know he’s 33 and costs a metric poopton. We’ll eat that for 2021 as we work to break in his replacement and the new corner with O.J.
  • Have you seen what Staley’s done with Jalen Ramsey in L.A? Callahan did some work in the Star, but I want to give Vic a playmaker who can lock it down for years to come. Everyone wants to throw his alpha into the slot. We’ll punish them for it.


Josey Jewell, Justin Strnad

  • Unless Vic’s out on the dinosaur, we bring him back. Love what he showed on stunts this year.
  • With Johnson back, we need to find him a running mate who can drop. Patrick Queen type.
  • Jewell’s job on checks impressed me. He’s a good backup and we’re lucky to have him. Should help the special teams.
  • I heard y’all love Strnad. How was he doing in the gaps last camp because that was a big concern for me. Injury history doesn’t help.


Von Miller, Bradley Chubb, Derek Tuszka, Malik Reed

  • If you don’t hire me, I hope you hire someone dumb enough to decline Miller’s option so I can steal him. My guy with the Chiefs already told me they’ll sniff around.
  • Vic’s ahead of the league with sim pressures and we plan to stay that way.
  • How did you guys lose Justin Hollins? You can’t tell me tight ends are that important.
  • I knew Reed could do it, but Chubb’s growth in space impressed me.
  • What’s Loren got in mind for Tuszka?

Defensive Line

Jurrell Casey, Dre’Mont Jones, Mike Purcell, DeShawn Williams, McTelvin Agim, Kyle Peko, Deyon Sizer

  • I plan to call Casey about a haircut. 31 and those injuries will hurt his market. Let’s see if he’ll trade some of that $11,874,750 for a guarantee.
  • You guys talk to him everyday, what’s the deal with Shelby Harris? I didn’t expect his market to crash so hard last year. Let’s get Rosenhaus on the line.
  • Kollar’s done wonders with Jones. Exciting to think what an off-season will do for Agim.
  • DeShawn’s been a nice find.
  • Loved the Purcell contract. His quicks really screw up outside zone and it gives us time to find a big boy.

Wide Receivers

Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, K.J. Hamler, DaeSean Hamilton, Fred Brown, Kendall Hinton, Trinity Benson, Tyrie Cleveland

  • Receivers are another one of those spots I plan to draft a guy every year. You have to nowadays and it’ll give us more speed for the special teams. How’d Hinton look there? Kid has heart.
  • Pat needs those iso guys, and Tim did good work. Have no problem giving him that 2nd round tender.
  • If someone wants to poach him we’ll find a developmental backup for Court.
  • Jeudy’s so dang special. Good on you letting Gruden reach.

Offensive Line

Garett Bolles, Dalton Risner, Lloyd Cushenberry, Graham Glasgow, Ja’Wuan James, Netane Muti, Quinn Bailey, Darrin Paulo

  • Day one I’m extending Mike Munchak for life. He’s incredible.
  • With the right kind of offseason, Muti could push Glasgow into a fight with Cushenberry.
  • Health willing, James could be next year’s Callahan if his heart’s in it.
  • A swing who can survive in the fire is a priority. I don’t want to push Dalton out there if we can help it.
  • If the numbers work out, it wouldn’t hurt to give Elijah Wilkinson a run in camp. He can push the rookie.

Tight Ends

Noah Fant, Albert Okwuegbunam, Nick Vannett, Andrew Beck, Austin Fort, Jordan Leggett, Jeremy Cox (FB)

  • I’m not about to tell Pat how to coach or anything, but has he seen the passing numbers out of 13? It’s stealing.
  • If Marcedes Lewis wants to keep playing, he’ll get a call, but we’re not spending a ton here. No one’s knocking a healthy Fant and Okwuegbunam off the field, anyway.
  • Fant and Big Al could make the toughest 12 personnel in the league if they keep working on their blocking. One more reason Munch gets whatever Munch wants.
  • Ideal world, we find a lab that can turn Beck and Cox into one guy.

Running backs

Melvin Gordon, Royce Freeman, LaVante Bellamy, Damarea Crockett

  • We both know Philip Lindsay’s getting a second-round tender. Hope he’s healthy next year, the kid’s electric.
  • Gordon didn’t do enough to justify $9 million next year, but unless the DUI kills his guarantees, we’re kind of stuck.
  • If we can find another Gordon on Day 3, I’m all for it. I’m done paying for someone else’s miles.


Drew Lock, Jeff Driskel, Brett Rypien

  1. If we aren’t chasing an arm, we’re getting the heck off nine. Let someone else gamble on these opt outs while we save up for ‘22.
  2. I want Pat and Mike to get on Zach Wilson and Justin Fields today. I’ve got two guys on them already. I think we can do better than Drew, but if the cost gets stupid, we’ll live for a year. Maybe the kid has it in him.


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