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Do you believe the Broncos’ new GM will pick up Von Miller’s team option?

Mile High Report weighs in.

Denver Broncos Training Camp
Have we seen the last of 58?
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With John Elway stepping up, the Broncos are looking for a new general manager. During Elway’s press conference on Monday, he made it clear that there would not be any sort of caveats during the interview process. The new GM would have control over the roster.

“They are both (head coach and GM) going to report to me, but the GM is going to have the control of the draft, he’s going to have control of the 53-[man roster] and free agency. He’s going to have that control.

The news sent Broncos Country into a bit of a frenzy about what that could mean for players like Von Miller, Justin Simmons, and Drew Lock. With the Broncos only just beginning their interviews, it’s very early. Even still, Mile High Repot had to weigh in.

Do you believe the new GM will pick up Von Miller’s team option?

Scotty Payne: With Elway? Nope.

Now? We’ll see. Bad answers again but truly hard to say right now. Elway’s first call as a GM was bringing in Von. Will the new GM’s first call be letting Von go?

Ian St. Clair: A lot of it depends on the value the new GM thinks Miller brings to the table. This is where Fangio could play a big role in Miller’s return.

Joe Mahoney: Von has a cap number of $22.1 million for next season. At 32 Von will at the age when even elite edge defenders start to decline. The new GM might try and deal Von to get “his” QB whether that is in the draft or via trade. I think it all depends on how much Vic Fangio thinks that Von has left in the tank.

Tim Lynch: They better. Von Miller is a Champ Bailey like player. You keep them a year too long rather than a year too early. I don’t really give a shit what The Fan says.

Adam Malnati: Financially, it makes sense to try and move on. I love Von and want him to stay in Denver until he retires. Unfortunately, that’s not how the NFL works. Will he want to be with the Broncos during a rebuild, anyway? A mutual uncoupling might be the only thing available here.

Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann: What I think will happen and what I want to happen are unfortunately two different things. And the first is so unspeakable I cannot even write it. But mostly I just echo what Tim said. Especially the part about The Fan.

Taylor Kothe: I think it depends in large part on Von himself, maybe moreso than it does on the new GM. Von is going to be 32 and just missed an entire season on the heels of his first sub-10 sack season since his snakebitten 2013 season. That’s a bad, bad combination with what is, as of this writing, still the 4th biggest 2021 cap hit among edge rushers (and a potential $18M in cap savings).I think Miller’s future with the Broncos may hinge more on how willing he is to sign an extension that lowers his 2021 cap hit- and features a lower average annual value in 2022 and beyond- than it does on the identity of the next person to fill the GM seat.Miller’s made $126M in his career- is that enough for him, or does he want one more top value contract?

Jeff Essary: I think he will. Who wants to start their tenure with the Broncos being the guy who shows a Hall of Famer the door? Denver isn’t hurting for cap space, and the Broncos likely want to keep their draft options open, in case a QB catches their eye. Last thing they need is to be opening up another hole at a key position. What else are they going to spend the money on that will provide more impact?

Joe Rowles: Unless the Broncos wind up winning a sweepstakes for Dak Prescott, I can’t see a scenario where Von Miller isn’t wearing orange and blue in 2021. Even before Elway stepped back it looked like it’d be a potential PR disaster, especially after Shaq Barrett has turned into a $20 million type of edge rusher with the Buccaneers. 2022 and beyond is an open question, however.


Do you believe the new GM will pick up Von Miller’s team option?

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