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Do you believe Justin Simmons played his last game for the Denver Broncos?

Mile High Report weighs in.

Denver Broncos v Pittsburgh Steelers
Will the new guy pony up for Simmons?
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With John Elway stepping up, the Broncos are looking for a new general manager. During Elway’s press conference on Monday, he made it clear that there would not be any sort of caveats during the interview process. The new GM would have control over the roster.

“They are both (head coach and GM) going to report to me, but the GM is going to have the control of the draft, he’s going to have control of the 53-[man roster] and free agency. He’s going to have that control.

The news sent Broncos Country into a bit of a frenzy about what that could mean for players like Von Miller, Justin Simmons, and Drew Lock. With the Broncos only just beginning their interviews, it’s very early. Even still, Mile High Repot had to weigh in.

Did Justin Simmons play his last game for the Denver Broncos?

Scotty Payne: I think a new GM will not be a dumbass here and finally pay the man.

Ian St. Clair: In total agreement with Scotty. Simmons is the type of player you keep. He’s the type of the player you do everything to keep.

Tim Lynch: The risk of paying Justin Simmons two million more a year than you want is less than drafting his replacement and finding out you whiffed hard and now you have a giant hole at safety. In short, the new GM will not be GM for long if they fail to resign Simmons.

Adam Malnati: Signs point to Simmons being gone. All his social media posts and interactions indicate he thinks he is done in Denver. It would be a huge mistake, and hopefully a new GM won’t make it, but it feels like the end has arrived for Simmons in Denver. I hope not.

Joe Mahoney: My heart says no. My gut says yes.

Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann: If he’s a smart GM, his first act will be to pay the Bronco who most deserves to be paid - even overpaid. That’s my only answer here.

Taylor Kothe: It will definitely be interesting to see if the change at GM shifts the tone around Simmons’ future. Hopefully the new GM comes in with a mindset that looks at our player re-signing decisions as if they were potential FA signings. If that’s your perspective, you absolutely jump at the chance to have a guy like Justin Simmons on your team.

Jeff Essary: Similar to the Von question - what better way to put points on the board as a new GM than to ink a big contract for a great teammate, player, and key piece of the defense? This is a layup. Walk in and sign him day one, gain fan support and also lock up talent. Denver isn’t in blow it up mode (yet). They need to be retaining talent, not shedding it.

Joe Rowles: If he did, I’m selling pitchforks. Justin Simmons is the only safety to secure multiple interceptions across the last five seasons. On top of that, he’s a very good run defender. The 27-year old has also been extremely durable and has become a glue guy both on the field and in the locker room. Everything we know about him suggests he’s an A+ character guy.

The argument against him will come down to dollars and cents, and if you can’t see what he means to the Broncos defense all I can tell you is this: NFL teams make huge mistakes when they commit elite money to good players. The Broncos are currently suffering through this with Ja’Wuan James after he had a couple good years with the Dolphins. Elway was desperate for a right tackle and it the move was made in hopes that the 26-year old James would hit a new ceiling under Munchak. Obviously it hasn’t worked out yet.

Barring an unforeseen injury, we already know Justin Simmons is an All Pro safety and perfect fit for the Fangio defense. This year he was an instrumental part in surviving the loss of Von Miller. It’s very early, but if he continues to play at the level he’s reached these past two years we could wind up talking about another trip to Canton someday.


Did Justin Simmons play his last game for the Denver Broncos?

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