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Confidence spikes in Broncos Country survey after front office announcements

Big changes in the front office has led to a spike in overall fan confidence in our latest Broncos Country Reacts fan survey.

Usually these SB Nation React surveys take place in reaction to the last game, but the Denver Broncos decided to rock everyone’s world with multiple earth shattering announcements earlier this week that likely resulted in the small spike in confidence.

Despite most of the respondents voting on Monday, the news that John Elway would be stepping down as General Manager late that day and then President and CEO Joe Ellis announcing he would not be seeking an extension after the 2021 season on Tuesday, the fan confidence needle moved north where it stands today.

I imagine if we had started the poll today, it would be even higher. It’s not that most of us dislike John Elway or even view his legacy as tarnished, but it is clear change at the front office level after four straight losing seasons is needed. Ellis is likely universally disliked by fans, so him bowing out after this year would also be well received by fans.

The biggest thing now is to wait for their committee to make a selection on the next General Manager of the Broncos. The biggest caveat there is whether or not the looming questions over ownership make this open GM position less desirable than other spots around the league.