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What is most important in the Broncos GM search?

Dave Logan joined Broncos Country Tonight to share his thoughts on what he would look for in a GM. He also talked about his Tebow-to-Thomas call on the 9-year anniversary.

Any time Dave Logan talks Denver Broncos, I’ll listen.

No better time than Friday night with the Broncos deep in a general manager search and the future of the franchise at stake.

Logan joined Broncos Country Tonight to talk about the GM search and Drew Lock.

Since Friday was also the nine-year anniversary of Denver’s playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers thanks to Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas, Logan talked about calling the game and that historic play.

To start the segment, Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright played Logan’s call. Thanks for the goosebumps, guys.

As Logan said:

“You know what? It was unlike anything I’ve experienced as a play-by-play guy. That year ... I don’t even have enough adjectives at my command to describe all of the things that happened that year. There were things that happened that you just knew couldn’t happen but did. There were things that happened shouldn’t have happened with a team about to win and did and then they still won. It was just an unbelievable ride.”

Now to the GM search, and as I noted at the jump, when Logan speaks, Broncos Country should listen. Allbright mentioned a debate that sparked on social media about what is most important for a GM background — pro or college side.

Not to give the answer away, but don’t limit yourself to one or the other. If you have a great pro-side candidate, surround him with the people who are good/great at the college side.

As Logan said:

“I think that both are really important in an NFL organization. I mean really important. But to me, the key ingredient that I would be looking for in a GM is, I want to sit down with this guy and watch film with this guy. And I want to see if he sees the same things that I see. I don’t think you can bottle all of the characteristics of a GM. Let’s just say for somebody who’s been on the player personnel side and then has been on the college personnel side and he’s done this for 10, 12, 15 years. Does this necessarily make him the best pick at GM? I would say, no, I don’t think so.

“I think there are certain qualities that are sort of magical qualities that guys have (and) you can develop them. But to me, if I’m involved in helping make that decision as to which guy this is, what I first want to do is I want to sit down and turn on the tape and I want to look at things and I want to say, ‘tell me what you see from this guy.’ And I want to see if that jives with what I see. I guess best case scenario, would you like somebody that’s done it before? Sure. But I think from the Broncos’ perspective, and maybe from my perspective, the most important thing is bringing somebody in and giving him complete autonomy to run the football side of the organization. ...

“But I think it’s time, and I think (John Elway) believes this too, for a new set of eyes on this. And the only way you do that is you give complete autonomy to that guy to make decisions. And when you do that he’s got to be able to make decisions that you might not totally agree with. Otherwise, what’s the point in bringing somebody else in?”

Bonus listen

Our Jeff Essary joined the guys to discuss Lock and how the new Broncos GM could address the QB.