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2021 NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

The upper echelons of the NFL is beginning to take shape and the Denver Broncos are no where near it after five games.

Houston Texans v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Things are beginning to become a little more predictable each week. In fact, not a single team moved a spot in my Top 6 from last week to this week - mostly because all of those teams won again in Week 5. The biggest surprises came from two contenders that are looking a little like paper tigers now heading into the meat of the season.

First of the Kansas City Chiefs look like a team that can’t stop anyone and can no longer depend on Patrick Mahomes to bail them out. Their offense is tied for the league lead in turnovers and their defense has given up the most points this season through five games. Then there are the Seattle Seahawks. The slid down the list because of the injury to Russell Wilson.

As it stands, I’m pretty confident in the Top 8 now. All of those 4-1 or better teams look like legit contenders. After that, however, there is a giant slog of teams with question marks - including our Denver Broncos. We’ll have to see which of those teams find some answers and which spiral out of contention here over the next month or so.

Here are you full Week 6 power rankings.

Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

Rank Team Record
Rank Team Record
1 Arizona Cardinals 6-0
2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-1
3 Los Angeles Rams 5-1
4 Green Bay Packers 5-1
5 Dallas Cowboys 5-1
6 Baltimore Ravens 5-1
7 Tennessee Titans 4-2
8 Buffalo Bills 4-2
9 Cincinnati Bengals 4-2
10 Los Angeles Chargers 4-2
11 New Orleans Saints 3-2
12 Las Vegas Raiders 4-2
13 Kansas City Chiefs 3-3
14 Minnesota Vikings 3-3
15 Pittsburgh Steelers 3-3
16 San Francisco 49ers 2-3
17 Cleveland Browns 3-3
18 Carolina Panthers 3-3
19 Indianapolis Colts 2-4
20 Seattle Seahawks 2-4
21 Chicago Bears 3-3
22 New England Patriots 2-4
23 Philadelphia Eagles 2-4
24 Denver Broncos 3-3
25 Atlanta Falcons 2-3
26 Washington Football Team 2-4
27 Jacksonville Jaguars 1-5
28 New York Jets 1-4
29 Miami Dolphins 1-5
30 New York Giants 1-5
31 Houston Texans 1-5
32 Detroit Lions 0-6