This game is a must win for the Broncos

It's the NFL, and while I know the term must win gets thrown around a lot, let's face it, this game is a must win for the Broncos. More specifically, it is a must win for HC Fangio. This is Raiders week, and with the drama that has happened to the Raiders this past week, there is no excuse for the Broncos not to come out and win this game. I don't care about injuries to Juedy and Hamler, you have an All-pro in Sutton, a solid No. 2 in Patrick, a supposedly great weapon and Fant, plus Gordon actually is a decent receiver out of the backfield. OC Shurmer needs to figure this crap out ASAP and start putting us in better position.

Fangio there are no more excuses for your lack of experience being a HC, this is a division game against a hated rival at home. No excuses not to have everyone prepared to lay a beat down on the Raiders. All the world is saying the Raiders will be desperate for a win to not let their season slip away, we better be more desperate, this is a freaking home game, these are the games we should be winning. You have a massive advantage in that all the distractions are going to be on the Raiders, if we are not focused with a solid game plan you seriously should consider resigning or Paton should fire you after this game because frankly, there are no more excuses. Players on this team need to have that mindset of win now, and that starts with Fangio holding everyone accountable and Fangio being accountable.

A good HC will have this team prepared and playing well, and able to put the last two weeks behind us and start a new winning streak, a bad HC will not, simple as that. So what are you Fangio, are you a good or bad HC. This is the type of game where if we lose you can likely kiss the rest of the season goodbye. Win and we are sitting at 4-2 and either tied for first place in the AFC West or alone in 2nd place in the AFC West. Lose and we are 3-3 and likely tied for last place in the AFC West assuming KC wins.

If we lose this game, Fangio should be fired immediately, no ifs ands, or butts, elevate Munchak to HC and give him the opportunity to finish out the season strong and make a case to be the HC going forward. If Munchak can turn the team around let him decide what his staff looks like next season and give him a contract. If he can't then there are plenty of good candidates out there, No 1. would be Nathanial Hackett who is the current Green Bay OC and I would assume might have some sway in helping to lure Aaron Rogers to Denver.

If this club is serious about championships, about winning now, then this is a must win game, no two ways about it. I am not saying this team will win a championship this season, but lose this game and do nothing about it I can virtually guarantee that we will continue to float in mediocrity for the next few seasons.

Beat the damn Raiders or go home.

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