Look I know the guys on this side are doing their best to make a crappy franchise look good because of a long glorious history. But I've been a fan for 45 plus years and except for the first 5 years I was a fan as a youth This is the worst I've ever seen this franchise be. Why don't we just say what's real ownership socks Fangio sucks Shermer socks Bridgewater sucks we saw the best of him the first three games against the worst teams in the league They just aren't good and I would rather go play around a golf than to watch that crappy team play. I believe George Payton can make it work but he's got to start dumping the coaching staff and dumping a lot of these crappy players and start moving on this team isn't going anywhere isn't it obvious by now for 5 years and a few games they're one of the worst franchises in football.

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