Lets get real, you want to fix the Broncos, Fangio has to go

I've seen enough, this team is a broken record, poor coaching at every level. We have a HC still making the same mistakes three years in, as the old saying goes, there is likely a reason why no one gave Fangio a shot at being a HC for over 40 years. The guy may be a fantastic DC coordinator but as we all know some guys are HC, and some guys are coordinators. Fangio like guys like Norv Turner, Wade Phillips, are coordinators.

If Paton is truly in charge, now is the time to let Fangio go, he will find another DC gig somewhere, he will likely be successful in that role, but he is never going to be successful as a HC. The fact is this team played uninspired in a must win game which has become a broken record for the past 6 seasons. We had a coach who wasted two challenges on plays that clearly were not going to get overturned and helped cement any possibility of winning the game or mounting a comeback. His vaunted defense let the Raiders complete big play after big play at home, let their QB sit back and heave floaters to WRs who made our vaunted secondary look like a Jr. high team in the critical moments of the game. The offense shot themselves in the foot repeatedly, attention to detail completely lacking. I can accept losing to a superior team, what I can't accept is losing because you don't care, which appeared obvious for most of the Broncos (coaches included). Paton needs to send the message now, this is unacceptable. He needs to show he is in charge. We aren't going to come back into the playoff picture, not with Fangio and Company calling the shots, everyone knows it, time to jettison Fangio, elevate Munchak to HC and finish out the season, then go find your new HC, find your new QB, rebuild the O line, find your players. Here is my short list for HCs.

At the end of the season the following people should be on speed dial:

Nathaniel Hackett, OC for the Packers: This should be a no brainer, if you are serious about being in the Aaron Rogers sweepstakes, nothing screams that more than hiring his current OC. Besides being able to possibly be a giant reason why Rogers would come here, Hackett has proven he gets good to great performances out of mediocre talent. He helped turn Syracuse around and made Ryan Nasib a NFL draft prospect, he even got Blake Bortles and Jacksonville to look decent. Think what he could do with Rogers and hopefully a healthy WR core in Denver next year. He is a zone west coast guy so that should maybe help Denver go back to it's roots.

Brian Daboll, OC Bills: We have seen what he has done with Josh Allen, while I don't think he would be able to do the same with our current QBs, I would really be interested in bringing in Daboll and maybe going after either Malik Willis or Matt Corral in the draft next year if we don't win the Aaron Rogers sweepstakes and seeing if he can repeat the magic. Either way, Daboll is a huge upgrade at HC and someone who is ready to take that role.

Lincoln Riley, HC Oklahoma: This might be a tough one to lure out of the college ranks, but Riley is showing he definitely has a very good offensive mind and had the ability to change QBs to a freshman after an early season favorite for the Heisman wasn't performing. The OU job is a very nice one but moving to the SEC may come with some added stress that might make the NFL slightly more attractive. Generally I am not as big of a fan of bringing in college coaches, but Riley is an exception to the rule.

Luke Fickell, HC Cincinnati: He is going to be on the radar of every big team in college football looking for a HC next year with USC and LSU on top of the list. Fickell's chops are on the defensive side of the ball as far as coaching, but he has shown he is a very capable HC. Maybe the jump from Cincinnati to the NFL may seem extreme, but look at Arizona hiring Kliff Kingburry after getting fired from Texas Tech and being the OC at USC.

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