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2021 NFL Power Rankings: Week 7

The downward spiral for the Denver Broncos is nearly complete. A loss this Thursday will cement them almost at the back of the pack.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Well, doing power rankings is no longer fun. After a completely lackluster performance by the Denver Broncos at home against their biggest historic rival, they dropped like a stone in the power rankings this week. Losing like that to the Las Vegas Raiders at home is completely unacceptable.

As for the rest of the league, the top of the food chain are the Arizona Cardinals and all of the one-loss teams. Of the two-loss teams, I still like the Buffalo Bills to separate from the other 4-2 teams despite a tough loss last night on the road to the Tennessee Titans. Time will tell if I’m right there.

The AFC West is now a muddy race at the top with the Los Angeles Chargers looking uninspiring this week and the Raiders now tied at for the division lead. Given that, I would expect Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs to ultimately figure things out and take back control of the division.

Here are you full Week 7 power rankings.

Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

Rank Team Record
Rank Team Record
1 Arizona Cardinals 6-0
2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-1
3 Los Angeles Rams 5-1
4 Green Bay Packers 5-1
5 Dallas Cowboys 5-1
6 Baltimore Ravens 5-1
7 Tennessee Titans 4-2
8 Buffalo Bills 4-2
9 Cincinnati Bengals 4-2
10 Los Angeles Chargers 4-2
11 New Orleans Saints 3-2
12 Las Vegas Raiders 4-2
13 Kansas City Chiefs 3-3
14 Minnesota Vikings 3-3
15 Pittsburgh Steelers 3-3
16 San Francisco 49ers 2-3
17 Cleveland Browns 3-3
18 Carolina Panthers 3-3
19 Indianapolis Colts 2-4
20 Seattle Seahawks 2-4
21 Chicago Bears 3-3
22 New England Patriots 2-4
23 Philadelphia Eagles 2-4
24 Denver Broncos 3-3
25 Atlanta Falcons 2-3
26 Washington Football Team 2-4
27 Jacksonville Jaguars 1-5
28 New York Jets 1-4
29 Miami Dolphins 1-5
30 New York Giants 1-5
31 Houston Texans 1-5
32 Detroit Lions 0-6